How To Choose The Best-Serviced Apartments For Yourself?

How To Choose The Best-Serviced Apartments For Yourself?

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Peter Juhasz

October 8, 2017

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How to find a suitable serviced apartment for all your needs?

Finding a suitable apartment that fulfils all your needs is not so easy. And if you are struggling with the same, then this blog is the end of this struggle of yours. So continue to read if you want an easy go-to guide that can help you find the best-Serviced Apartment that is suitable for all your needs. 

Before giving you some tips and detailed ideas about how you can find the apartment for yourself. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before starting the hunt, given below are the following: 

  1. Allocate a budget according to you. Make sure that this budget is not something exact but a range which suits you the most.
  1. Location, there is a reason why we want to stay in a particular area, so make sure that the domain is favourable to you. So keep in mind the area you want to live in, to shorten your search as well as to make it easier. 
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  1. What type of service apartment are you looking for? Well,  I know it’s an umbrella term, but you should have a fair idea in your mind which can help you make your checklist. This can also make your hunt more organised. 
  1. Think about the amenities you need, what kind of furniture you require and other such specifications if you have any.
  1. Lastly, the people you are moving in with, well this can help you understand what size of apartment you need.

Now that you have got a fair idea what to think before starting the hunt, you can check out our tips to help you further with the process of your serviced apartment hunting.

Here are the following things that help you choose the perfect Serviced Apartment for you:

Birmingham new street
  • Locality/ Area: 
  • As mentioned above the area plays a significant role.
  • If you have an office, school, or any other place of work where you have to visit every day, then ideally the location of ‘your’ serviced apartment should be near it or not extremely far.
  • The place where you want to live should have a local market nearby for your basic amenities like groceries, hygiene products and so on.
  •   Pets:
  • If you have a pet, make sure you are transparent with it.
  • There are many apartments which do not allow certain types of pet, and there are some who don’t allow at all.
  • Transportation:
  • ‘Your’ apartment should ideally be near to public transportations like metro, bus stops, taxi and so on.
  • So whenever you choose to keep this in mind as this is convenient for you to travel on an everyday basis.
  • Parking facility:
  • Many of us own vehicles, and for that, we need a proper space.
  • There are many apartments which have their garage, and many have space in the parking areas of the road. And some do not have any such facility.
  • So if you own a vehicle, make sure you have this facility.
hotel apartments in birmingham
  • Apartment/ Apartment equipment:
    • They are designed, keeping in mind your privacy. Its generally has a kitchen, separate living area, mostly included with a desk and WLAN.
    • Keep a check on the amount of space you need. (don’t forget the number of people)
  • If you have guests who visit frequently make sure you have sufficient space from them. 
  • Is it a  suitable workspace for you to work from home without any restrictions.
  • Is there a TV or not.
  • Check whether there are k kitchen appliances (like dishwasher/coffee machine/toaster) or not.
  • If you have children, make sure the apartment has child-friendly furniture.

All our apartments come with all the essential amenities, check it out here.

  • Service:
  • There are many services available in these apartments like laundry, housekeeping and many more. 
  • Make sure you know about the rules and regulation and also tally it with your preferences.
  • Finance: 
  • Generally, these apartment rates are decreased if you stay for long.
  • It is ideal for corporate stays and business projects.
  • Try to compare the prices of that area to get the best deal.

This blog tells you about all the factors and tips that you should use before finalising the apartment. Make sure you go with the best because the best is all you deserve.

Also, if you want the best for you with everything personalised contact us now and get some exclusive offers!

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