5 Best Coffee Shops in Birmingham for Your Caffeine Needs

5 Best Coffee Shops in Birmingham for Your Caffeine Needs

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Peter Juhasz

December 22, 2023

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Key Takeaways:

  • Become aware of Birmingham’s top coffee shops before planning your trip.
  • Also, find the best-staying spot in the city to bypass the hassle of choosing amazing stays.

Are you travelling to Birmingham in 2024?

Don’t miss out on fulfilling your caffeine needs with amazing coffee across the city. 

Being one of the top cities in England’s tourism sector, Birmingham is also a treat for coffee lovers.

But which are the special Birmingham cafes you can visit?

What makes them stand out from others?

Here’s a list of Birmingham’s five best coffee shops to enhance your travel experience in the city.

Top Five Coffee Shops in Birmingham You Should Visit

Out of multiple authentic and scintillating coffee houses in Birmingham, we have selected the top five for you.

Seeds Coffee Co. 

A West Homewood shop, Seeds offers great coffee and beer options just down the street from Patriot Park. They operate on a model that helps the coffee growers and ensures the farmers are motivated to do what they love. They contribute 25% of the profits from each coffee subscription directly to help farmers and coffee communities worldwide.

Seeds Coffee Co. offers a range of coffee options, great for both espresso and drip coffee. Their coffee is available in 12oz or 2lb bags, catering to different needs.

The coffee place has a great vibe and is excellent for a family. You can bring your kids and take them out in a bocce court behind the shop. There is a box of games and children’s toys to ensure you enjoy your drink without interruption from your young ones.

Baba Java Roaster and Cafe

A great coffee shop near the Galleria, Baba Java provides unusual drink options with different flavours and coffee blends. Their company makes all their coffee serving, and nothing is outsourced.

You can have an excellent learning experience during your visit as they are extremely knowledgeable and offer tutorials and the best gear for making great coffee at home.

Apart from their coffee expertise, you can also go through their menu, which includes a decent selection of food items made by local businesses.

Even if you go back home, you don’t want to miss out on their special coffee; you can get their beans shipped to your doorstep.

Daysol Coffee Lab

It is a micro-roastery located in Helena. Being a grab-and-go, it offers an actual tasting bar in its roastery.

Interesting, right?

You can taste the coffees they roast, buy a cup and know what you’ll get before you grab a cup and take it to your place.

You can visit the local coffee shop during your holiday, giving you a great learning experience. The coffee shop was named the 2022 Shelby County Small Business of the Year. 

You can also avail of their subscription services from their website, where you can have a freshly roasted bean delivered to your doorstep. 

Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey started in Nashville as an all-day cafe and speciality coffee shop. But in 2022, they also expanded to Birmingham on 2nd Ave. You can visit the place from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and experience a great cup of coffee or a meal.

It’s a great hangout spot for visitors. You can meet your friends, complete your remote work or hang out for a family meal. It offers stellar bread and baked goods from its bakery. The cafe hosts various events, including Wine Down Wednesdays and Happy Hour every weekday from 3 pm to 6 pm. These events add a social dimension to the cafe, making it a lively place to visit.

You’ll experience their original recipes from breakfast through dinner with a full bar program, kids’ menu and a full coffee programme.

June Coffee

It is one of the most recent inclusions in the coffee shop ecosystem of Birmingham. It is an offshoot of a roasting company and has the same name. They offer a variety of coffee brews, including Ethiopia Bale Mtn, ECHO Blend, Ethiopia Agaro and Peru Chinchiquilla.

You can visit the coffee shop on 25th St. North and experience the past life of the cafe as a woodworking shop. The owners have used repurposed materials for many interior elements, which gives the building a great vibe.

Now that you know all the best coffee shops in Birmingham you can visit in 2024, it’s time to sort out your stay in the city when you visit.

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1. What are some of the best coffee shops in Birmingham’s city centre?

Here are some interesting coffee shops and cafés in Birmingham’s city centre:

  • Urban: It is a popular spot frequented by a diverse crowd. It offers great coffee and cakes in a bustling environment.
  • Chance and Counters: It is located in Digbeth’s Custard Factory and combines board games with a selection of hot drinks, including colourful lattes.
  • Faculty Coffee: Faculty is like a coffee classroom that focuses on educating customers about coffee in an industrial, stripped-back setting.
  • Saint Kitchen: It is known for its excellent coffee, especially the flat white, and various food options, including all-day breakfasts and cakes.
  • Café Artum: Café Artum stands out in the Hockley Social Club and is a unique combination of a coffee shop, record shop, and bar.

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