A Weekend Getaway in Birmingham: Complete Itinerary for First-Timers

A Weekend Getaway in Birmingham: Complete Itinerary for First-Timers

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April 20, 2024

Weekend Trip to Birmingham
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Key takeaways:

  • Understand the complete itinerary for your weekend trip to Birmingham.
  • Choose the top staying locations to help you have a home-like experience away from home.

With over 40 million visitors annually, Birmingham is one of the hotspots in England. 

So, are you traveling to the city to explore different scintillating places? 

Well, there’s a plethora of options you can explore in Birmingham, which can overwhelm you.

Don’t worry. 

Look at our detailed itinerary to minimize your hassles during your weekend trip to Birmingham.

Details Birmingham Itinerary for First-Timers

We have the best 2-day itinerary which includes quirky things to do in Birmingham.

Day two is interesting for your weekend trip.

Day 1 in Birmingham

Visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Kickstart your day by visiting the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. It was opened in 1885 and is one of the finest museums in the country. 

The museum has some interesting displays about Birmingham’s history and archaeological findings dating back to the Stone Age. 

It also contains antiquities from ancient India, Central Asia, ancient Cyprus Coins from old times to the Middle Ages, and ancient Egypt. 

Explore Victoria Square and the City Centre

Next up, you can explore Victoria Square, which is the heart of Birmingham. The pedestrian-friendly square can be explored through the Birmingham City Centre Path. 

The attractive old Town Hall was built in 1832 and highlights Victorian architecture made of Anglesey Marble. 

Roam Around Dudley Zoo and Castle

If you are traveling with family and friends, complete your day 1 by visiting Dudley Zoo and Castle. It is spread over 40 acres and dates back to 1070. Entry to the zoo is free, and you can explore the castle on foot. 

There are over 1,300 animals and other exotic species of big cats, reptiles, and insects. Animals from across the globe are included in the zoo, such asGiant Anteaters from South America, Arctic Foxes from the extreme north, and red pandas from the Himalayas. You can also view sociable creatures, such aslemurs,  spider monkeys, and penguins.

While exploring Birmingham, you also need to satisfy your taste buds. 

Where to Eat and Drink in Birmingham on Day 1

Birmingham is a heaven for food lovers. The city will cater to your taste. 

Rosa’s Thai Cafe Birmingham

Rosa’s Thai Cafe is a Thai restaurant on the north side of Birmingham. Chef Saiphin founded it and serves award-winning authentic Thai food that is bold in flavour. It’s located in the heart of the new Paradise Circus.

Albert’s Schloss

You can enjoy Europe’s finest beers and an amazing selection of cocktails at Albert’s Schloss on Chamberlain Square. The place is quite busy during the weekend but has a fun vibe, which can help you relax. You can also experience many flamboyant performances from various artists.

Day 2 in Birmingham

Jewellery Quarter Tour

Start day 2 of your weekend trip by wandering the Jewellery Quarter. The Jewellery Quarter Museum is the leading attraction in Birmingham, and you can visit it to explore jeweler workshops and silversmiths. You can get insights into the large jewellery market of Birmingham, which produces around 40% of Britain’s jewelry.

Visit the National Exhibition Centre

The National Exhibition Center is one of the biggest event spaces in the country. It has hosted many of the UK’s favourite yearly exhibitions, such as fashion, furniture, trade, food, and gardening expos.

Taste Amazing Chocolates at Cadbury World

Learn about the interesting history of chocolates and Cadbury. Also, explore its manufacturing process.

Cadbury World has 14 zones, highlighting the Cadbury business through multiple static sets, video introductions, intuitive presentations and exercises, multi-tactile film, animatronics, and staff exhibits.

View the Blooms at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Spread over 15 acres, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens are the city’s most attractive tourist attraction. Seeing the blooms can be a fun thing to do in Birmingham during your weekend trip.

It’s known for its exclusive collection of bonsai trees. It’s also home to over 7,000 plants from across the globe. Also enjoy different wildlife, including butterfly houses and rare tropical birds.

Where to Eat and Drink in Birmingham on Day 2

Yorks Bakery Cafe

This cafe offers a wide selection of artisanal bread, cakes, pastries, and specialty coffee. The cafe is in the heart of Birmingham and offers one of the finest breakfasts. 

The Early Bird

This cafe is known for its healthy and delicious brunch options. Located on the High Street, the cafe offers a cozy atmosphere and heart-warming food. House-cured salmon bagels, sweet potato hash browns, toasties, and sweet and sour cabbage hummus are some of the top dishes you can experience here.

This brings up to the end of your short weekend getaway in Birmingham.

But have you sorted out your stay location?

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What are the must-see attractions in Birmingham for a first-time visitor?

Out of multiple attractive places, here are the top attractions in Birmingham city you can visit:

  • Victoria Square and the City Centre
  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Thinktank
  • Jewellery Quarter

Is Birmingham a good choice for a weekend getaway?

Yes, Birmingham is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway. It offers a mix of cultural, historical, and recreational activities that will satisfy your relaxation or exploration desires.

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