Popular 5 Activities to carry out in Birmingham

Popular 5 Activities to carry out in Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

December 15, 2022

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Birmingham has some of the best shopping malls in the UK, a bustling, diverse food scene, and many entertainment options. 

Among the various activities in Birmingham, tourists may enjoy opera, live music, sports, and world-class theatrical performances every day of the week.

Birmingham is the birthplace of the well-known Cadbury’s chocolate and a major jewellery producer in Europe. 

This bustling city, which has preserved its historic homes and estates, exemplifies a dynamic fusion of the old and contemporary, making it one of the fascinating destinations for tourists worldwide.

There are a reasonable number of entertainment places in Birmingham. If you are looking forward to attending some fun events in Birmingham, continue reading. 

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want to engage in multiple activities in Birmingham this weekend, visiting the Sarehole Mill is a great option. 
  • Birmingham has something for everyone, including families, couples, kids, and adults. 
  • Victorian canals, adventure parks, and Birmingham cafes and pubs are a must-visit for every traveller. 

 Sarehole Mill


In Hall Green, Birmingham, England, on the River Cole, there is a water mill named Sarehole Mill that is Grade II listed. 

The Birmingham Museums Trust now manages it as a museum. One of only two operational water mills in Birmingham, it is well-known for its connection to J. R. R. Tolkien.

If you want to undertake activities for adults in Birmingham, visiting the Sarehole Mill is an ideal option. Certain things you can do at the Sarehole Mill are as follows: 

1. Wildlife watching

While growing up, J.R.R. Tolkien used the mill and its neighbourhood as the inspiration for The Shire, the location for his writings. There are options for fishing and animal viewing in the serene surroundings.

2. Learn about machinery 

Even though a mill has been on the spot since 1542, the current building dates to 1768. Enter the mill to view its historically significant equipment. 

Watch a demonstration of bread baking while learning how flour is produced using a water wheel, gears, and grinding stones. Up to 60 bread loaves can be kept in the bakery’s oven at once. 

3. Have a look at the mill pool

Examine the species that frequent the mill pool. Sit along the water’s edge to observe ducks, herons, and kingfishers, among other waterfowl.

4. Visit the exhibition

The three floors of the mill, from Signposts to Middle-Earth, exhibit and explore Tolkien’s sources of inspiration. Visit the exhibitions and a short documentary about the writer’s life on the ground floor. 

Tolkien artwork and a timeline of the mill may be seen on the second floor. A Hobbit’s entrance is shown on the third floor.

A Tolkien Tour of Birmingham


For any fan of Middle-earth, the Tolkien Tour of Birmingham is a must-do walking tour. Birmingham’s buildings and natural surroundings influenced Middle Earth’s realm. 

Different methods can be used to access these locations. However, they are centred in Hall Green, Moseley, Edgbaston, and Ladywood, among other places. You can cover everything in one day or divide it into two parts. 

It might be worthwhile to spend a couple of days exploring the locations that inspired The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and other wonderful works. 

Top 5 Activities to Do in Birmingham 

You can participate in numerous fun Birmingham activities irrespective of your age. The top 5 things to do in Birmingham are: 

1. Visit Alton Towers for some thrills


Alton Towers is the best place to visit with family. The largest theme park in the UK has something for all age groups.

2. Take a stroll along a Victorian canal


Few things are better than taking a walking tour of Birmingham that includes both historical and contemporary places to understand the city’s rich history fully. 

You get to learn about the canals, their significance in the city’s growth, and contemporary structures. 

Apart from the historical appeal, the canals also have a great romantic appeal. Having afternoon tea on a canal cruise is among the top activities in Birmingham for couples.  

3. Visit Thinktank to explore the scientific world


You need to go no further than Thinktank for family-friendly activities in Birmingham. It is a safe choice for a rainy day as well.

You will get a completely new experience with science and technology thanks to the more than 200 interactive exhibits and historical artefacts.

4. Enjoy a bottomless brunch


Bottomless brunches are an absolute favourite among Birmingham adults! One of Birmingham’s hippest drunken brunches is held at The Distillery, a well-liked restaurant, and bar on the canal’s shores. 

Three delectable meals and glasses of wine or luscious bellinis are available for less than £40.

5. Visit the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park


Red pandas, reptiles, lemurs, meerkats, birds, otters, wallabies, and a sizable monkey population are just a few of the exotic creatures that call Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park home.

The park plays a significant role in conserving certain endangered creatures, which are unsafe in the wild. The Conservation Park is a mandatory visit for all nature lovers. 

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What makes Tolkien so famous and special?

Tolkien is the most renowned fantasy writer of his time. Millions of people throughout the world were motivated by his books.u003cbru003eTolkien Trail in Birmingham is a must-see for everyone who loves Middle Earth. The trail also entails fun and educational activities like bread baking.

Is there any non-Tolkien poetry about The Lord of the Rings?

No, there is no non-Tolkien poetry about The Lord of the Rings. J. R. R. Tolkien’s poems and songs are scattered throughout the narrative of his Middle-earth-set epic fantasy masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings.

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