5 Best Attractions in Harrow for a Family Trip

5 Best Attractions in Harrow for a Family Trip

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Peter Juhasz

January 19, 2024

best attractions in Harrow for a Family Trip
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Key Takeaways:

  • Get into the details about the top 5 attractions in Harrow for a family trip.
  • Choose the best luxury serviced apartment stays in Harrow with the help of top professionals who can help you make your trip memorable.

London is the third most visited city in the world, with 19.2 million overseas visitors in 2023.

So are you planning a family trip to London soon?

Do you want to explore the best locations across London for some beautiful memories of your trip?

Then you can’t ignore a large town in Greater London known as Harrow. Rich in history and culture, Harrow has multiple attractions for a family trip.

But what are the best places to visit in Harrow with kids?

Let’s find out.

5 Top Attractions You Can’t Ignore in Harrow

Harrow’s multiple historical, cultural, and recreational attractions can add to the overall experience of your family trip. Here are the top five locations you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Hive London

It is a sports venue and hub of excitement. During your visit to Harrow, you cannot avoid a Hive London visit to complete your journey.

The welcoming staff and simple layout ensure you and your family have a great sporting day. The seats are comfortable, and you can get a decent view of the vibrant atmosphere inside the stadium.

The stadium is not restricted to just sports watching. You can experience different events apart from watching a football match. There are ample options where you can explore the drinks and refreshments to satisfy your hunger on a long day.

2. Enfield Garden Centre

Your trip to Harrow can only be completed by visiting the Enfield Garden Centre in Crews Hill, a delight for gardening enthusiasts. Established in 1977, it has attention-grabbing features, such as a unique windmill and an ex-RAF water tower.

The centre also offers a variety of plants, gifts, furniture, and gardening tools, which keeps visitors engaged during the visit. The centre is part of the horticultural Golden Mile, renowned for its quality and value in gardening products.

Apart from shopping, you can explore the Gardener’s Retreat Restaurant, which provides a relaxing spot for meals and snacks. There’s also a soft play area for children, ensuring you can enjoy your time without worrying about your kids for a while.

The place also has a dog-friendly policy, making it a great place for pet owners to enjoy. 

3. Headstone Manor and Museum

It was built in the early 1300s and is a significant part of Harrow’s rich history. The museum offers a glimpse into the area’s past with engaging exhibitions and family activities. 

You can explore picturesque parks, a mallard pond, and amazing bird views that will leave you spellbound. The museum also has an on-site cafe where you can feed the ducks, adding a unique interactive element to the visit.

Individuals have no entry charges, but you can donate a few dollars to the museum’s repair and maintenance.

4. Harrow School

Founded in 1572, the Harrow School is an educational institution and historical landmark in Harrow. It is located on a 300-acre estate and offers breathtaking views of London.

The school is known for its traditions and the iconic straw boaters pupils wear. To experience Harrow’s rich heritage and culture, explore the Old Speech Room Gallery and the school’s historic buildings.

The school organises open mornings and tours, which you can join to explore the opportunity to delve deeper into its history and architectural beauty.

5. Harrow on the Hill Station

It is a railway station and a key transport hub in Harrow, London. It offers excellent connectivity for family trips. As part of the London Underground network, it serves the Metropolitan line. Using the hill station, you can easily access various parts of London.

The station’s location on Harrow on the Hill offers picturesque views and a village-like atmosphere, perfect for strolls and exploring local cafes and shops. With its central location and efficient services, Harrow on the Hill Station is an ideal starting point for your family adventure in Harrow.

Now that you know all the best attractions in Harrow for your family to visit, it’s time to plan your stay in the city.

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1. Is Harrow worth visiting with family?

Yes, Harrow is a great place to visit with your family as it offers a range of attractions for people of different age groups. There’s something for everyone, from historical sites like Harrow School and Headstone Manor and Museum to the beautiful and interactive Enfield Garden Centre.

2. What are the best places to visit for kids’ activities in Harrow?

Harrow has many spots for kids’ activities:

  • Headstone Manor and Museum
  • Enfield Garden Centre
  • Hive London
  • Harrow School
  • Local Parks: Harrow is surrounded by lovely parks, perfect for outdoor activities like playing, picnicking, and bird-watching.

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