5 Best Selling Desserts in Birmingham

5 Best Selling Desserts in Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

January 20, 2023

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Over 40 million people visit Birmingham annually. It has become one of the top cities in the England tourism sector, and you can experience multiple amazing places.

But apart from visiting scintillating places, it’s important to give your tastebuds a sweet experience. You can go to amazing dessert shops in Birmingham offering mouth-watering options.

Which are the special Birmingham desserts you can have?

Which dessert shops have the best desserts in Birmingham?

Here’s a list of Birmingham’s top 5 best-selling desserts to enhance your travelling experience in the city.

Have a look.

List of 5 Best-Selling Desserts in Birmingham

Out of multiple delicious desserts to have in Birmingham, we have selected the top 5 Birmingham desserts for you.

1. Doughnuts from Hero Doughnuts and Buns

The motto at Hero’s is “Everybody needs a hero”, and they certainly provide one in the form of their doughnuts. The taste of their simple and sweet doughnuts is scrumptious. 

The Homewood shop was started in 2016. Since then, Birminghamians can’t get enough of their brioche-style doughnuts. The dough is high in eggs and butter, which results in thick pastries and rich flavour. The store has an amazing vibe; you can go out with your family, friends, or colleagues to interact with other community members.

Some of their popular doughnut flavours are Boston cream, blueberry crumble, and maple sea salt. You can also try out the minis and sidekicks (doughnut holes) to experience the light texture and yummy taste offered by one of the best dessert shops in Birmingham.


2. Sticky toffee pudding from Ollie Irene

The sticky toffee pudding offered by Ollie Irene is a Mountain Brook eatery’s famed dessert which feels like half cake and half pudding. The chef at the restaurant makes the dessert by mixing dates into a batter that’s scooped into ramekins. Then the batter is baked in a water bath until half-cooked.

Once the holes are poked into the dish, rum toffee sauce is poured next to fill the holes. The sticky toffee pudding is baked a second time and then topped with extra sauce, mascarpone whipped cream, and a praline crisp.

The overall taste of the pudding is amazing, and it’s one of the top desserts in Birmingham that can guarantee thorough spoon lickin’.


3. Breakup cookies from Church Street Coffee and Books

A warm chocolate chip cookie can be the most delicious go-to dessert you can have on your vacations in Birmingham. And Church Street Coffee and Books offer the best chocolate chip cookies. 

Emily Hall is the recipe developer and food stylist who perfected the formula while baking at Church Street not long after it opened in 2011. The story behind the breakup cookies is that Emily gave some cookies to her boyfriend while breaking up with him.

With the cult following in the town, these break-up choco chip cookies are buttery and soft, with chunks of chocolate inside and a sprinkling of sea salt on top. The overall taste of these cookies is amazing, and you can grab a few while walking on Church Street.

4. Pecan paws from Birmingham Candy Company

Husband-wife duo, Wayne and Cassie Bolden, started Birmingham Candy Company in 2015. Since then, their talent for baking delicious chocolate and candy creations has spread across Birmingham. The store address is 1821 2nd Ave North, Stall 166

Birmingham, Alabama 35203. 

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with their famous pecan paws. The sweet treat includes crunchy pecans, creamy handmade caramel, and milk or white chocolate on top. The taste is salty, sweet, and altogether satisfying. But avoid visiting the store on Sunday.

The store hours are Mon-Sat: 11 AM – 6 PM.


5. Ice pops from Steel City Pops

These pops made from natural ingredients have been cooling down Birmingham since 2012. The Steel City Pops elevated the standard ice pop but played to the nostalgia of the sweet treat. 

Ingredients for the pops are harvested and sourced locally, which makes for a creative, rotating seasonal flavour list of creamy and fruity flavours like watermelon, buttermilk, and banana pudding. 

After expanding to four cities in the UK, Steel City Pops has now added a “customize your pop” option where you can dredge, dip, drizzle, and dust your pop in a long list of toppings, including nuts, cookie crumbs, caramel, melted chocolate, and cinnamon. 

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What is the most popular dessert in Alabama?

Lane cake is undoubtedly the most famous dessert in Alabama. It is a bourbon-laced layer cake that has coconut pecan icing on the top. The dish was invented by Alabama native Emma Rylander Lane, who printed the Now the dish has also become popular throughout the South.

What is the most popular dessert food in Birmingham?

Choosing one popular dessert food in Birmingham will be unfair to others as the city has multiple desserts that you can try. From doughnuts to ice pops, from pecan paws to breakup cookies, you can try multiple mouth-watering desserts during your stay in Birmingham.

What are deserts in food?

A dessert is a sweet dish you eat at the end of a meal. Dessert can apply to multiple confections like biscuits, gelatins, cakes, cookies, custards, pies, puddings, macaroons, sweet soups, ice creams, pastries, tarts, and fruit salad.

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