A Quick Guide to Find the Best Serviced Apartments in Birmingham!

A Quick Guide to Find the Best Serviced Apartments in Birmingham!

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Peter Juhasz

May 13, 2021

birmingham holiday apartments
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With our help you can find the best serviced apartment in Birmingham. 

birmingham holiday apartments

If you are travelling to Birmingham for business or leisure, Serviced Apartments offer the best stay option with more space for the same price you would book a hotel room. But if you do not know how to choose the best Serviced Apartment in Birmingham for you, go through the list below and assess your needs during your stay before you decide. 


Travelling entails several expenses and requires precise planning in order to spend your money judiciously. If you are travelling for business, find an accommodation that is close to your workplace. If you are travelling for leisure, find an apartment that is close to various tourist spots that you have planned to visit. For starters, in Birmingham most of the famous restaurants, pubs and shopping areas are near City Centre, Colmore Business District and Jewellery Quarter.     


Most Serviced Accommodations provide various kitchen appliances, washer, and dryer. Several serviced apartments also offer high speed internet, TV, home-gym, swimming pool, balcony and parking spot. Narrow down your search accordingly.  


If you are travelling for work and you need extra space to hold meetings or set up your work desk, look for accommodations that provide a large living area. If you are expecting more guests to crash at your place, some SAs offer a pull-out bed in your living room sofas, or you can simply look for an apartment with more bedrooms.  


The pandemic has left a lot of us paranoid about cleanliness in our living spaces. Most serviced apartments offer cleaning services every week, but you can ask them to increase the frequency or even stock up on cleaning supplies yourself to clean your own apartment and be self-sufficient.  


Some service accommodations only take in customers who are staying for a minimum of 1 week and, offer reduced prices as your stays extend accordingly. But if you are here for a short visit, you can find accommodations that take in guests for a brief period as well.  


As your stay is most important part of your travel and the most expensive, you would want to consider squeezing out every drop of quality service that your money gets you. Even more than a hotel might be able to offer you.  

With Pluxa Stays, you can find the perfect stay that is at the heart of Birmingham, close to many restaurants, supermarkets but also strictly adheres to Covid-19 cleaning protocols. You’ll find all your travel needs met and with a twist of affordable luxury. Visit our website https://www.pluxa.co.uk/ to make your next stay at Birmingham comfortable and stylish.  

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