A Bright Prospect for Developers and Property Investors

The uncertainty for landlords in the UK has grown significantly in recent years and it is only going to get worse. The ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ has caused many tenants to default on paying their rents and there is no light in the foreseeable future as bills just keep increasing.

This economic situation has put immense pressure on landlords who are currently experiencing high mortgage rates, repressive AST lettings legislation, and non-paying tenants. This is forcing many landlords to sell up and leave the property investing arena.


The Pluxa Stays Solution

Our Guaranteed Rent Solution takes away all of these worries and uncertainties for landlords with a guaranteed rental income each month for a fixed period.

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What's in it for me - the Developer?

Sell your lots much faster

Working with Pluxa Stays will give you and your investors complete peace of mind and a guarantee that they are making the right choice when buying your development.

We uphold the highest standards in maintaining

The properties, safeguarding the value and investment of your investors, as well as enhancing the overall long term saleability.


We offer your investors a five-year guaranteed rental and can pay up to 10 % above the market rent for prestigious developments and properties. This will encourage investors to buy more properties from you now and in the future.

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Why choose Pluxa Stays?

As the leading provider of Guaranteed Rent services in Birmingham, Pluxa Stays
has established itself as a prominent name in the industry. In response to the
significant demand for short-term accommodations, we have expanded our
services to cover all major cities across the UK.

We are on our way to becoming the largest corporate accommodation provider.

Our client base is mainly business clients, international clients, and the leisure market.

The package provides complete peace of mind and certainty making every aspect of property investing much easier and more lucrative for your clients. We handle everything so that your investors can focus on what matters most
to them.


What’s Included for Your Investors

Our Guaranteed Rent-to-Rent Service will revolutionise the way landlords invest, providing a steady lucrative income stream.

What We Offer

Our comprehensive service provides the following benefits for build-to-rent developers and investor landlords;

Up to five years of
guaranteed rent
Better than market
average rental rates
Improved property

Guaranteed Rent Model Explained

Learn more about how we can help you attract more investors to buy from your development.

What do Investors receive

We not only give you guaranteed rent, but we can also uplift your property's value.

Our model allows us to generate a high monthly cash flow for the investors.

Our professional team takes care of finding the very best tenants and managing the property

We excel in what we do and stand out from our competitors maintaining complete transparency.

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