Stay Updated About Current Events in Birmingham

Stay Updated About Current Events in Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

November 12, 2022

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Birmingham serves as the regional administrative, cultural, and recreational hub. It is the largest city in the West Midlands and includes some of England’s most important industrial and economic districts. 

Since it is one of the nation’s most culturally rich and diverse cities, Birmingham’s events boast inclusivity. Whether you are interested in art and exhibitions, sports, theatrical performances, concerts, or food festivals, Birmingham has something for everyone! 

If you are planning to visit the city and want to gain insights into the upcoming events in Birmingham, reading this article will certainly be of some help. 

 What’s going on in Birmingham?

Birmingham witnesses festivities throughout the year. Therefore, no matter which month you visit the city, you can always be a part of the celebrations. 

However, some events in Birmingham, UK, are perennial, while others only occur during certain months. If you are targeting a certain festival or event, consulting our list before making your bookings will come in handy:

1. Festivals and events

Birmingham is quickly emerging as the nation’s event hub. There is consistently something fresh and exciting happening in the city, which makes it proud of its history and tradition. 

Let us have a look at the major festivals and events in Birmingham:

  • Magic Lantern Festival

The Magic Lantern Festival is celebrated every year in various parts of Birmingham. It marks the onset of the Christmas holidays. It begins in December and lasts until the first few days of January. 

During the Magic Lantern Festival in Birmingham, the bushes, gardens, and paths are decorated with enormous, hand-sculpted lanterns.  

  • Chinese New Year

At the Arcadian Centre, Birmingham celebrates the Chinese New Year every year with a free afternoon of entertainment. Among the cultural entertainment are Kung Fu demonstrations, acrobatic acts, and dragon dances. 

You can enjoy traditional firecrackers, flea markets, and kids’ rides. Centenary Square is illuminated at midnight. You must ride the Birmingham Wheel to see the most breathtaking urban sights. 

After the fireworks, thousands of people attend an outdoor performance. The finest live music in the nation is performed in Birmingham nightclubs for those who want to ring in the new year.

If you are interested in attending live events in Birmingham, the Chinese New Year should be your ideal choice. 

  • Birmingham International Dance Festival 

The Birmingham International Dance Festival features regional artists from all over the city who perform specifically for this event. Performances are held in several public locations throughout the city, but the Hippodrome is the centre of attention. Since this festival takes place every year, if you are a dance enthusiast, you can plan your trip around it. 

  • Birmingham Comedy Festival

Since its inception in 2001, the Birmingham Comedy Festival has included several top names in British comedy and some of the most up-and-coming performers. Over the course of a week, the event features 40+ performances at different venues throughout the city and entertains people. 

  • Big Family Festival 

The Big Family Festival in Birmingham offers three days of entertainment where the family enjoys many summer activities. The festival is accessible by personal vehicle, local bus routes, and rail because it is located in Sutton Coldfield, about 30 minutes outside the city centre.

2. Upcoming Events

Did you miss the events and festivals in the first half of the year? You need not worry, as the last few months in Birmingham are full of festivities. 

Here is a list of events in Birmingham, 2022:

  • Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham is a yearly tradition for the city and a huge hit with locals and tourists from the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Every winter, when the Frankfurt Christmas Market arrives in Birmingham, the city comes to life as an indicator of Christmas approaching. There is something for everyone in the Victoria Square and New Street booths.

  • English Whisky Festival 

The English Whisky Festival is arriving in Birmingham’s hip Digbeth neighbourhood for its first-ever live appearance! Learn about the craft of English whisky’s delights in this vibrant and quickly expanding scene.

You may sample some incredible whiskies and drinks at the festival. It will include a food court, masterclasses (to explore famous English whisky brands and themes), a bar, a whisky shop, and more.

  • Grown Up in Britain Art Exhibition 

Grown Up in Britain uses images, artefacts, and tales to document young people’s daily lives and cultural contributions.

The exhibition, curated by the Museum of Youth Culture and drawn from its vast photographic assortments, is focused on contributions from the general public. It depicts individuals’ unique experiences as youngsters in the UK. Pictures were gathered as a component of the gallery’s continuous ‘Grown up in Britain’ campaign.

  • Big Wheel and Ice Skate 

This winter, you can enjoy a session of ice skating at Ice Skate Birmingham, situated at Centenary Square in the heart of Birmingham.

 Take a break and take in some of Birmingham’s most magnificent attractions, including the Council House, Cube, Townhall, Brindleyplace, and the largest German Christmas Market in Britain.

You can get some of the best views in Birmingham by riding the huge wheel.


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Why should someone visit Birmingham, UK?

You should visit Birmingham because the city houses many museums and historic buildings, including the Hall of Memory, Nelson’s Statue, Birmingham Town Hall, and more. Moreover, Birmingham has great nightlife and organises various festivals and events throughout the year. Events in Birmingham are what make the city truly experiential.

What don’t people like about living in Birmingham, UK?

Although Birmingham has a pleasant and moderate climate, it rains throughout the year. The constant rain makes it difficult for people to live in Birmingham, UK.

What are the dos and don’ts when going to music concerts?

Since Birmingham witnesses a lot of concerts every year, it is advisable to spend money only on artists you genuinely appreciate. Dos would incorporate wearing comfortable shoes, being cautious of your surroundings, carrying binoculars, and wearing extra layers of clothing in winter. Do not carry anything illegal, do not push people, and do not misbehave with the artists or the staff.

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