What to expect when you book a service apartment for the first time!

Explore your new comfortable stay with Service Accommodations! 

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A lot of people have been leaving behind the familiarity and comfort of hotels for alternative accommodations since the covid-19 crisis. This comes at a time when hotels, which were once the pinnacle of the hospitality industry’s creative and popular option to stay, have failed to adapt to the changing times and holding back the quality of experience that it has the potential to give to its customers.  

With a lot of people flocking to a new style of accommodation that is steadfastly growing in popularity, there is a lot of apprehension and suspicion about the promises that the Service accommodation industry in the UK makes regarding its services. After all, we are taught that if something looks too good to be true, it must be.  

But you can make an exception for this one as it is too good and true.   

  1. Safety is of the utmost importance, especially during a pandemic, so you will get a Check-in key on your phone and can check into your apartment without anyone’s aid. This will be your key to entry throughout your stay you will not have to face the hassle of leaving the keys with the reception and asking for them every time you come and go.  

  1. Based on your choice of apartment, you will get either a one, two, or three-bedroom each with a king-sized bed or a zip and link bed per your request. If the website mentions an extra bed, you will find it by unfolding your living room sofa. You will also have a luxurious bathroom, fitted with either a large walk-in shower or a bathtub. 

  1. Most Service apartments are spacious and have a lot of walking space for the guest. You will have a living room area with sofas and a TV, a kitchen fully fitted with the latest appliances that are ready for you to cook, and a dining table (optional). If you have requested a work desk in your apartment, you might find one otherwise you will have plenty of space to work on your living room table.  

  1. You will also have a steady stream of Wi-Fi which is one of the many amenities that the SAs provide. Speaking of amenities, you will also have a washer and a dryer for you to do your laundry at your own pace or you can also request laundry services. 

  1. Based on your service apartment you choose, you might even have a lobby or communal room where guests can gather to interact and socialise or attend any events arranged by the SA. You might also have an in-house gym or a pool to keep your daily physical routine and, a parking space for your vehicle that comes with the apartment.  

  1. Hands-off management does not mean neglectful management. If you face any issues with your apartment there is a concierge service, an apartment manager and a back-up service in case of electricity or plumbing issues. There will be regular services to change your linens and towels and also to clean your apartment.  

Service apartments work with a minimal staff that is only called when they are asked for, which reduces the number of social interactions that people may be dreading. And most important of all, all of these services are provided at a cost that you will pay upfront. No hidden costs. No shady terms and conditions. With Service Accommodations, what you see is what you get, with no duplicity or lies. 


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