Five great coastal cities in UK to visit this summer!

Five great coastal cities in UK to visit this summer!

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Peter Juhasz

August 6, 2021

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Who knew last year that we would have had to stay indoors for an entire year? I can decidedly say that I didn’t. Letting go of my big 2020 summer plans brought a lot of sadness. But the only way I made my peace with it was imagining myself in a luxury holiday home sipping mimosas and soaking in the island sun.  Well coastal cities are one of the best options go have some fun in summer.

But 2021 might just have a window of opportunity for me to run away from my shoebox of a house to fulfill my summer plans around coastal cities with a dash of safety precautions.  

And I couldn’t keep my plans to myself, so I decided to share it with everyone.  

So here we go! 


Dorset is the closest we’ll get to a normal warm beachside experience here in the UK and 2021 is the perfect time to make your beach holiday plans from 2020 true.  

From walking along the Bournemouth pier to kayaking along the historic Jurassic Coast, this is a great place to relax and unwind from all the paranoia and pressures of last year. 

And for all you Broadchurch fans, you can visit the iconic West Bay, where most of the show was shot.  

Witness nature’s magic at Blue Pool where the colour of the water changes at different times of the day.  


Cornwall is a popular coastal town among vacationers and for a reason. This stunning city has something for everyone. If you are an adventure enthusiast you can try kayaking, cruising, surfing, camping, or hiking.  

This is the perfect city to go on a road trip and enjoy the scenic landscapes on the way over.  

The weather in Cornwall caries depending on where you are and chances are, you might experience a little bit of every weather the more you travel. So be prepared for everything.  


This underrated coastal city is a hidden gem. Most people overlook the city when planning a holiday outside of England, but this deserves everyone’s attention as it has a lot of beautiful scenery to offer.  

The hiking trail along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is one of the longest and one that offers different kinds of stunning views from limestone cliffs to red sandstone bays. It takes around 2 weeks to complete the trail, so pack your hiking shoes and charge your cameras. 

A little walk around Saundersfoot will leave you with the urge to Instagram everything you’re seeing. This place attracts a lot of tourists because of the quaint and cozy cafes and pubs which will fulfill all your aesthetic dreams. 

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight 

The Isle of Wigh is deeply entrenched with various historical sites. This is a great place to visit if you feel like you want to gain some knowledge during your holiday. The Isle of Wight has various architectural remnants from the Roman era and castles to keep your attention throughout your visit.  

Biking across the city is a popular way for tourists to see the city and there are various bicycle trails with beautiful views built especially for the tourists.  

And as for beaches, Orchard Bay, Priory Bay, Whitecliff Bay and Yaverland beach are great spots for everyone to check out! 


With lush greenery, idyllic coastline, and adventure sports, Devon is a must-visit for anyone wanting to get out of the confines of your house after a yearlong lockdown.  

Devon has a wide selection of tourist spots for everyone. From the serene greenery surrounding the waterfalls of Lydford, Lundy Island to adventure sports in River Dart, Devon will instantly become anyone’s favorite destination.  

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie be sure to visit the Greenway House, the place that inspired many of her novels. You can find many of the first-edition novels lining the shelves!  

The best and safest stay option right now would be a luxury holiday accommodation. You will have the comfort of staying at a fully furnished house and find it close to the beachfront.

And if that doesn’t convince you, you will get plenty of other amenities that you might find useful during your holiday, some water sports facilities arranged by the management all at a really reasonable price!

Hope this summer brings you plentiful joy and peace!

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