Discovering Birmingham: Top 3 Must-Do Activities for Tourists

Discovering Birmingham: Top 3 Must-Do Activities for Tourists

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Peter Juhasz

May 23, 2023

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Birmingham, United Kingdom, is rich in culture and history. It is the second-largest city after London. Known for its diversity and innovation, it is a popular destination for travellers.

Its rich past and contemporary buildings make Birmingham a distinctive fusion of the old and the new. Since it is home to various tourist activities and attractions, Birmingham is a must-visit location for anyone considering a trip to the UK.

Sightseeing is among the top must-do activities for tourists in Birmingham. The city’s top-notch cuisine, historic sites, exciting nightlife, comfortable places of stay, and wide range of cultural events are enough to excite visitors. 

The renowned Library of Birmingham, the St. Philip’s Cathedral in the Georgian style from the 18th century, and the spectacular Bullring shopping centre are just a few of the city’s architectural marvels. 

Visitors can explore the botanical gardens and the animal conservation area or wander along the canals, which were important in the city’s industrial past. Birmingham offers a wide range of other must-do activities for tourists in addition to sightseeing

Visitors can learn more about the vibrant cultural environment by visiting museums and art galleries like the Ikon Gallery and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. 

Overall, Birmingham, UK, is a superb travel destination with many attractions and activities for tourists. The city offers a distinctive unmissable experience with its extensive history, thriving culture, and modern facilities. 

To discover the top three must-do activities in Birmingham, continue reading.  

Key takeaways:

  • Birmingham is an excellent travel destination with a rich culture, history, and modern facilities.
  • Adventure Balloons, Go Ape Cannock Chase, and Escape Live Birmingham are Birmingham’s most popular tourist activities
  • These three activities offer unique experiences and are suitable for people of all ages and physical strengths.

3 Most Popular Activities in Birmingham  

Birmingham, United Kingdom, is an excellent place for those seeking various tourist activities. Three of the must-do activities for tourists to do in Birmingham are listed below:


Adventure Balloons: A Must-Do Activity for Tourists in Birmingham

Exploring Birmingham and its surroundings from above is one of the most exciting ways to do it, and hot air ballooning with Adventure Balloons provides an unforgettable experience. 

It is undoubtedly among the top tourist activities to do in Birmingham. Adventure Balloons, one of the region’s top hot air balloon companies, provides a selection of flights to accommodate all tastes and price ranges. 

There is a flight for everyone, whether you want a romantic sunset journey or a morning experience.

The West Midlands and Birmingham are the usual launch sites for hot air balloon rides, which offer passengers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside. 

During the journey, you can anticipate passing over famous sites, including the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the National Sea Life Centre, and the Bullring shopping district. 

The Birmingham Canal Network, an engineering masterpiece from the Industrial Revolution, will also be on display for you to observe. Choosing the size of your group is one of the best aspects of hot air ballooning with Adventure Balloons. 

Couples and small groups can book private flights; more enormous balloons can carry up to 16 passengers. You are bound to enjoy a breathtaking perspective of the city regardless of the size of the balloon.


Go Ape Cannock Chase: An Adventure-Packed Tourist Activity in Birmingham

Visit Go Ape Cannock Chase if you are seeking an exhilarating outdoor adventure in Birmingham. This treetop adventure park near the city is among the most renowned tourist attractions

People across all age groups and physical strengths can participate in Go Ape Cannock Chase activities. Younger visitors can also take the junior treetop adventure course, which has smaller zip lines and more accessible challenges. 

The main draw is the treetop adventure course, which features zip lines, rope bridges, and other obstacles hung above the forest floor. 

Go Ape Cannock Chase provides a variety of activities in addition to its treetop course, including mountain biking, orienteering, and Segway tours. 

It is a terrific way to challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone because the course is made to test your agility, balance, and nerve.

Escape Live Birmingham: A Fun and Challenging Puzzle-Solving Activity

Escape rooms have become one of the best tourist activities in recent years.  Escape Live Birmingham is among the most renowned escape rooms in the city. This escape room attraction is in the centre of Birmingham. 

It offers a variety of themed rooms intended to test your ability to solve puzzles and collaborate with others. At Escape Live Birmingham, every room has a different theme and plot, such as a bank heist, a prison break, or a Sherlock Holmes mystery. 

You have a predetermined amount of time to leave the room by figuring out a succession of riddles and hints. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible; teamwork, imagination, and logic are all needed to solve them.

For parties of friends, families, or coworkers who want to connect over a fun and challenging experience, Escape Live Birmingham is a terrific activity. It’s also a fun and engaging way to challenge your brain and problem-solving abilities.

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How can I make the most of my time in Birmingham if I only have a limited amount of time to explore?

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What are the top three must-do activities for tourists visiting Birmingham?

The top three must-do activities for tourists visiting Birmingham include exploring the Cadbury World chocolate factory, taking on the high ropes and zip lines at Go Ape Cannock Chase, and solving puzzles at the thrilling Escape Live Birmingham.

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