Our Top 5 Picks for Why Serviced Apartments Are Better than Hotels

Our Top 5 Picks for Why Serviced Apartments Are Better than Hotels

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Peter Juhasz

January 29, 2022

hotels vs serviced apartments
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Serviced apartments are entire living spaces designed in a home setting but done up luxuriously like a hotel to make your visits delightful and comfortable. More and more travelers opt for serviced apartments during their business/vacation trips to different cities.  

Serviced apartments offer everything one would need to stay cozy, comfortable, and convenient. They will continue to grow as people become aware of this accommodation solution for travelers. Here are just a few reasons why travelers are beginning to choose serviced apartments. 

Spacious Living Quarters 

Whether travelling in a group or flying solo, serviced apartments are perfect for you if you don’t like small, cramped spaces!  

Furnished apartments are larger than hotel rooms. Instead of a single room, you get a bedroom, a generous living area, a kitchen, more expansive open spaces as well as a laundry area.  

Compared to the alternative, a serviced apartment can help you save, particularly on long-term stays. On average, serviced apartment prices go 30-50% lower than typical hotels. 

Cost Differences 

Of course, value for money is something everybody likes.  

While some people think that serviced apartments cost an exorbitant amount of money, it’s actually the opposite.  

Price differences between serviced apartments and hotels are apparent when the length of stay is considered. Booking at a hotel for weeks on end is expensive, especially with dining out or room service rather than prepping your meals.  

When it comes to 24/7 Wi-Fi, this is included in the cost of a serviced apartment, whereas many hotels still charge extra for it. 

Kitchen for Your Convenience 

It is not commonplace for a hotel room to have a kitchen; however, a serviced apartment will include a fully equipped kitchen, enabling you to prepare cooked meals and store your preferred knick-knacks and beverages in the fridge. You can eat healthier and save money which rounds up as a better option for you. 

With Pluxa Stays, you can find the perfect stay at the heart of Birmingham, close to many restaurants, supermarkets but also strictly adhering to Covid-19 safety protocols. You’ll find all your travel needs met and with a twist of affordable luxury.  

Visit our properties to make your next stay at Birmingham is comfortable and luxurious. 

Locations are Ideal 

Hotels are often situated near the airport or in commercial locations, but serviced apartments are scattered around in residential neighborhoods, giving you the advantage to get around. So if you were travelling for business, you wouldn’t have to risk running late to important meetings. 

Pluxa Stays is a dedicated booking platform that lists all the serviced apartments that receive regular bookings and has the best amenities across Birmingham. 

Safer in a Home-like Environment 

Serviced apartments offer cleaning services, but they won’t be as intrusive as a hotel. There won’t be lots of employees coming in and out daily, and an established cleaning company is often hired to meet this need. 

Pluxa Stays rooms emphasize stringent quality standards to ensure that the services provided to our clients are always at an optimum level. Safety, comfort, and convenience are some of our main priorities when we choose the portfolio for our corporate clients

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