Pets Allowed vs. Pet-Friendly: A Complete Guide for Serviced Apartment Guests

Pets Allowed vs. Pet-Friendly: A Complete Guide for Serviced Apartment Guests

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Peter Juhasz

May 18, 2024

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Key takeaways:

  • A complete guide to understanding the difference between pets allowed vs pet-friendly.
  • Choose from the pet-friendly serviced apartments listed on our portal for a comfortable stay experience.

Are you planning to travel with your pet? 

When choosing a serviced apartment, are you confused about the terms ‘pets allowed’ and ‘pet-friendly’?

You’re not alone.

Understanding the difference between pets allowed vs. pet-friendly is important to have a comfortable stay during your travel.

But don’t worry. We’ll help you clarify the situation.

Here’s a complete guide to help you understand the difference between pet-allowed vs. pet-friendly.

What Do You Mean by Serviced Apartments That Allow Pets?

‘Pets Are Allowed.’ 

If you see a serviced apartment with these features, it means that they allow pet animals to enter and stay.

Great, right?

But here is a catch. 

There will be limited or no additional facilities provided.

Although these types of serviced apartments allow pets for stays they don’t prioritise caring for their specific needs.

When you have a pet, you need special amenities to ensure a comfortable stay with your furry friend, right?

There will be no designated areas for pets to exercise or play. 

You have to rely on the general surroundings or nearby parks for their outdoor activities.

It’s also not compulsory that pets will be allowed in the entire property. 

There might be restricted areas for pets in pools, dining areas, or certain floors. 

Some apartments might charge extra fees for bringing your pet along. 

The extra charge will be in the form of cleaning fees or a higher deposit to cover any potential damages.

So, you must check our complete details of a serviced apartment that allows pets for stays. 

What Do You Mean by Serviced Apartments That Are Pet-Friendly?

Pet-friendly serviced apartments go beyond allowing pets to stay. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for them within their premises. 

These serviced apartments understand the importance of caring about your pets’ needs and ensuring their well-being.

Here are some additional services you can witness:

  • You’ll have access to special amenities designed for pets, such as pet beds, toys, and feeding bowls. If you find a pitch-perfect serviced apartment in the UK, they might also offer grooming services or pet-sitting by trained professionals. 
  • These serviced accommodations have designated areas where pets can play and exercise safely compared to apartments that only allow pets. It can ensure your pet gets the physical activity they need.

Now that you understand the basics of both serviced apartment options, let’s explore the differences. 

Comparing Pets Allowed vs. Pet-Friendly Serviced Apartments

Comparing the two on a few grounds can help you better understand the difference and assist you in making a wiser decision while choosing a serviced apartment.

Policies and Restrictions 

Pets Allowed: These serviced apartments allow pets to stay. However, there are strict rules, such as not allowing pets in dining areas or pools. Also, the type, size, or number of pets allowed on the premises can be restricted.

Pet-Friendly: These places not only allow pets but also welcome them. The rules are more relaxed and have negligible restrictions.

Overall Environment

Pets Allowed: The environment is generally designed for humans. You may need to make extra arrangements to ensure your pet is comfortable.

Pet-Friendly: The atmosphere is designed to be comfortable for pets. From cosy beds to accessible outdoor spaces, these serviced apartments help you meet the needs of your pet.

Amenities and Services

Pets Allowed: You won’t experience any special amenities for pets. You need to bring your pet’s bed, food, and toys.

Pet-Friendly: The serviced apartment offers special facilities for pets, such as pet beds, bowls, toys, and treats. If you’re lucky, you can also get extra services, such as pet grooming, pet sitting, and dog walking.

Understand the difference?

We’ll provide a few factors that can help you choose a better-serviced apartment for your next stay.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Accommodation

These factors are listed because being in the serviced accommodation industry, we should consider what you should consider before making the final decision.

Type of Pet

You must check that your serviced accommodation can comfortably host your pet, whether it’s a small cat, a large dog, or any other type of pet.

Length of Stay

If you want a short-term stay and the serviced apartment offers basic pet amenities, it can work. But in the case of a long-term stay, you need good comfort with your pet 

Location and Surroundings

The location of the accommodation is important for your pet’s well-being, so look for places near parks or open spaces where your pet can exercise.

If you want the top-filtered serviced apartment that fits these factors, you must trust Pluxa Stays Stays. 

Choose Luxurious Serviced Apartment with Pluxa Stays Stays 

At Pluxa Stays Stays, we understand your responsibility as a pet owner. Our serviced apartments offer the best pet-friendly environment for your comfortable stays.

Our team will help you go through the top luxurious serviced apartments that are ideal for your short-term or long-term stays with your pet.

Each of our serviced apartments listed is thoroughly inspected by our team so there’s no compromise on the quality offered. 

With different serviced apartments, you can address your unique requirements to ensure you have the best stay experience.

So, what’s making you wait?

Contact our team or explore the top pet-friendly serviced apartments listed on our portal.


What does it mean when a hotel is pet-friendly?

A pet-friendly hotel allows pets to stay and adds the topping on the cake by providing amenities and services designed for their comfort, such as pet beds, feeding bowls, and dedicated playing areas.

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