5 Best Places to Eat in Birmingham

5 Best Places to Eat in Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

November 11, 2022

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In Birmingham, England, as in every major city, beverages and food have contributed significantly to the city’s economy and culture. Farmers’ markets have increased in popularity in recent years due to a resurgence in interest in regional cuisine.

Street food festivals have also become more popular in Birmingham, following the pattern of other UK towns like Bristol and London, earning the city national recognition.

Birmingham has also witnessed a steep rise in restaurants in recent years. Therefore, there are plenty of food places in Birmingham.

However, the umpteen options may get you puzzled. If you are trying to decide which food joint to visit, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will take you through the best food places in Birmingham:


Top 5 best places to eat in Birmingham

From places for lunch in Birmingham to places for having bottomless brunch, here is a comprehensive list of the top 5 food joints you can visit in Birmingham to have a wonderful time:

1. Have bottomless brunch in Birmingham at Bennetts Hill

The food and beverage scene in Birmingham is evolving to include brunching and drinking, and more establishments are hopping on board to include unlimited drinks and bubbles on their brunch menus.

If you are looking for cool places to eat in Birmingham, your search ends at Bennetts Hill. It has many food joints, such as The Lost & Found, which is a must-visit if you want to add a dash of refinement to your bottomless brunch plans.

This chic bar is housed in a gorgeous old Victorian structure that exudes charm and personality. A wide variety of foods, such as the unusual Cornflake chicken and eggs Benedict, are available on their menu.

Birmingham’s Dirty Martini is another terrific place to have bottomless brunch that is a little more upscale. A great assortment of beverages, such as espresso martinis and gin and tonics, are available, along with a range of two bird cages packed with sliders, appetisers, and small snacks.

2. Eat the best fish and chips in Birmingham at Highfield Chippy and others

Did you know the government even made fish and chips one of the few items exempt from rationing throughout both World Wars because it is an integral component of Irish and British cultures?

Therefore, if you are visiting Birmingham, eating fish and chips is an absolute must. Near the Robin Hood Golfcourse in Birmingham is a well-known business called Highfield Chippy.

They have been providing high-quality food for a while and are skilled at what they specialize in. They prioritise providing excellent customer service and only utilise the finest ingredients.

They offer various other dishes, including Southern fried chicken and kebabs. However, their speciality continues to be fish and chips. Some other places that offer great fish and chips are Grille 29, Dolphin Fish Bar, Todd English Pub, New Station Fish and Chips, Johny’s City Diner, etc.


3. Have the Birmingham staple Balti at Royal Watan Balti

If you are still deciding what to eat in Birmingham, go for Balti. It is a popular style of curry in Birmingham. It is made and served inside a narrow steel dish over a high flame.

The delicious dish is prepared with goat or lamb meat, vegetable oil, and additional seasonings. Onions, garlic, turmeric, garam masala, and fresh ginger are required for the sauce. The ingredients are quickly prepared over high temperature and served while still hot in the same dish they were prepared in.

Since launching in 1984, The Royal Watan, Birmingham’s first establishment to serve Kashmiri food, has grown steadily. Their skilled chefs prepare the best Balti for you using fresh ingredients, utilising their skills and knowledge to guarantee that each bite is equally tasty.

4. Eat soup at Urban Standard, Brick and Tin, or Birmingham Bread Works

Birmingham soup has a long history. A string of poor harvests by the end of the 18th century led to a serious food crisis. One of England’s most important industrial innovators, Matthew Boulton, responded by making his workers a nutrient-rich broth.

Vegetables and stewed meat were used to make the soup, then presented with bread. The original recipe has been modified over time, and the current iteration is a prolonged and challenging process, but the result remains the same – rich and filling soup.

Urban Standard, Brick and Tin, and Birmingham Breadworks are good places to eat in Birmingham if you want to try out this soup.


5. Have a delicious meal at the Birmingham City Centre

Birmingham City Centre is the hub of food joints selling various cuisines, including Italian, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, and more. Therefore, there are plenty of places to eat in Birmingham Centre.

Since the City Centre also offers a plethora of theatrical experiences, the ideal outing there incorporates watching a play or a movie, followed by dinner.

The City Centre has food joints catering to every taste and price range. Thus, the best course of action is to stroll down one of Birmingham City Centre’s numerous alleys and see what gastronomic delights you come across.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe for Thai meals, The Birmingham Stable for Italian food, Comptoir Libanais for Lebanese cuisine, Tapas Revolution for Spanish food items, and Indico Mailbox for Indian halal dishes would be our top recommendations!

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Do you get table service in a typical UK pub?

Typically pubs in the United Kingdom don’t offer table service. However, numerous pub chains allow patrons to order food at the bar by providing their table number.

What type of food do you consider to be British?

Fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, Irish stew, apple pie, and Victoria sponge cake are some typical British foods.

What is the best food to try when visiting the United Kingdom?

Fish and chips, cream tea, bacon sarnie, Welsh tea bread, salt beef bagel, and Balti are some must-try dishes when visiting the United Kingdom.  

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