Quarantine Safely in Birmingham-UK with Pluxa Serviced Apartments

Quarantine Safely in Birmingham-UK with Pluxa Serviced Apartments

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Peter Juhasz

January 11, 2022

Quarantine safely in Birmingham
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We are one of the UK’s most reputed serviced apartment providers for travellers looking to bunk down during their quarantine period in Birmingham. Pluxa Apartments offers an exclusive quarantine package to provide a safe, hassle-free and comfortable environment for all our guests during these random times. 

We’ve taken care of everything you need to ensure the most comfortable of quarantine periods. Our apartments are self-contained with contact-free check-in. Guests can enjoy the lovely atmosphere we’ve created at their convenience.

Our Amenities

Our quarantine accommodation is professionally sanitized and disinfected and includes

  • 24/7 Free Wi-Fi
  • Two free rides within Birmingham city centre
  • Netflix in all the rooms
  • Two complete cleanings during your stay
  • Two complimentary meals for two people
  • Luxury furnishings with kitchen
  • On-call groceries and medicines

Our fully furnished co-living homes and serviced apartments are located in the prime districts of Birmingham and are structured as self-contained accommodations for the quarantine period. With the kitchen appliances, laundry facilities and private washroom, you’ll be right at home.

When you book with us and arrive in Birmingham, there is a designated free transportation facility (2 free rides), and you can use one to pick you up at the airport. You will be dropped off directly at the designated hotel that you’ve reserved. You can save your other free ride for an emergency run into the city.

Safety Protocols

We take care of our clients and have worked for months to ensure that proper procedures are being followed in every venue. We are experts in implementing the necessary policies to ensure an optimum level of safety.

As the global lockdown measures gradually ease up and travellers begin to move around again, the serviced accommodation sector can offer safety, hygiene and privacy to people choosing this mode of residence. 

Why Serviced Apartments are a Great Choice for Quarantine

People are more mindful now than ever before, and for good reason. While the accommodation sector is taking steps to address the concerns popping up by demonstrating hygiene and safety measures, rest assured that this will continue to be our highest priority as well. 

Serviced accommodation remains the most viable and convenient option for business and family travellers. You can go ahead and read our guidelines that give you all the details for government norms. 

Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels 

Hotel accommodations may prove to be risky during this time, considering the large influx of tourists that stay there. Moreover, staying at hotels for extended periods can be pretty expensive.  Serviced apartments in Birmingham provide numerous amenities and are less expensive than hotel rooms.

Pluxa rooms are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, chairs and tables, which provides an ideal WFH set-up. Our spacious rooms and amenities ensure that family and individual needs are well taken care of.

Flexibility in Booking 

The availability of single rooms in serviced apartments makes it a lot more cost-effective than booking a hotel room.

Additionally, with long-term stays available, you can live in serviced apartments for as long as you wish without burning a hole in your pocket. Pluxa is running 30% off on extended stays, so head on over here and book your stay with us.

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