A definitive guide to restaurants if you are staying at Pluxa Stays

A definitive guide to restaurants if you are staying at Pluxa Stays

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Peter Juhasz

June 10, 2021

Rooftop view of the Birmingham skyline
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Let us help you find a restaurant to satisfy your cravings! 

Staying in a new city is exciting but sometimes it can also get exhausting! The vast potential of a big city that is home to many, can be largely untapped and underappreciated if not explored to its utmost bounds. Especially when time is a limited resource during your visit and is mostly occupied by other commitments. and things like food and drinks take the backseat as it becomes more about a means for day-to-day survival. But if you are staying at Pluxa Stays, you have one less thing to worry about, as we have our tried and tested recommendations that you can depend on, every time you visit Birmingham. 

  1. Rose Villa Tavern 

A popular pub in Jewellery Quarter, this pub is a great spot for a team lunch or after work drinks. They serve a variety of hand-crafted cocktails and a wide selection of vodkas and ales. If you need a room to hold any event, they have a room for hire which is very high on demand.  

Rose Villa Tavern, Jewellery Quarter


Rose Villa Tavern, Jewellery Quarter


  1. Cappadocia 

Located at the heart of Jewellery Quarter, this is a beautiful restaurant serving delicious and authentic Turkish dishes. The building in which it is situated has beautiful architecture worth noting. They have a very good food + drinks lunchtime combos at very reasonable rates.  

Cappadocia restaurant in Jewellery Quarter


Cappadocia, Jewellery Quarter


  1. The Button Factory 

This relaxed pub is located on the terrace of a restored Georgian building, with lots of natural light and space. They have plush leather booths and a variety of seating arrangements depending on how you want to spend your time there. They have a really good selection of meat dishes prepared on a charcoal grill to give you a smoky flavour of your choosing.

The Button Factory pub, Jewellery Quarter


The Button Factory pub, Jewellery Quarter

4. Otto 

If you are having a bad day and need the comfort of pizza and beer, look no further than Otto. They make really good pizzas using a wood-fire oven with locally sourced ingredients and beers from local breweries.   

OTTO Pizza restaurant in Birmingham,

  1. The Jam House 

The Jam House is the place to go on your night out. This bar offers great food, a wide range of drinks and is also a popular live-music venue. If you time your visit right, you can catch really good funk and jazz acts.     

The Jam House, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham


The Jam House, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham


With more than 80 bars and restaurants, Jewellery Quarter is one of the biggest areas offering history, culture as well as food, drinks and entertainment. During your stay at Pluxa Stays, you will never have to worry about running out of new places to eat as most of these places are within walking distance. You could just easily pop into a bar after your day and head back to your apartment in time for bed. Contact us to know more about serviced apartment in Birmingham

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