Start your life afresh with a trip to Birmingham after the lockdown!

Start your life afresh with a trip to Birmingham after the lockdown!

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Peter Juhasz

May 20, 2021

Places to visit in Birmingham
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Here are some of the places you must visit when you get to Birmingham!

2020 was no doubt a tough year for everyone and especially for people like me who thrive on travelling to new and interesting places just to drown out the drone of everyday drudgery.

But as someone who has travelled to various places across UK frequently for a weekend of whirlwind vacation, I like to think that I have gathered some information that I’d like to share with others, giving suggestions that are hopefully well-liked and are helpful for the readers.

Here are some of the places you must visit when you get to Birmingham!

Culture & History

Jewellery Quarter:

After the revitalization of historical sites around the city, this area is considered a trendy spot for tourists to visit and learn its history of survival through horrific wars and famines.

It is accounted for about 40% of the jewellery production in all of Britain and also other attractions such as the Pen Museum which has an exhibit of ornate pens throughout history and how it helped increase literacy at a certain point in time.

You can also catch the Hall of Memory which a monument erected in memory of those who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Birmingham Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall:

Symphony Hall is considered an architectural feat by those who witness its majesty in person.

Not only is it a beautiful piece of art it also has wonderful acoustics inside the building, which is why it has some or the other show almost every day.

While you are in the city, you should catch an opera or theatre or your favourite musician or comedian there and revel in its grand stature as a spectator.

National Motorcycle Museum:

This museum is a reservoir for anything motorcycle related.

It has a vast collection of motorcycles ranging from a motorcycle from the year 1898, to the latest superbike on the road.

If you have any gearhead in your group, or if you are fascinated yourself, you must visit this museum!

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery:

Inaugurated in 1885, this museum has a large assortment of historical artifacts like paintings from the pre-Raphaelite era and from the 17th to 19th centuries, coins from various ancient civilizations, some archaeological excavations dating back to the Stone Age, and an Edwardian tearoom to experience the British tradition of high tea.

If this piques your interest, you can also check out the Ikon Gallery for some art exhibits of contemporary artists.

St Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham

St. Philip’s Cathedral:

This small cathedral boasts of a baroque-style building, with illustrious stained glass and beautifully ornate oak-paneled galleries. What it lacks in size, it definitely makes up for in its elegance.

Black Country Living Museum:

This small village located 9 miles away from Birmingham used to be an industrial coal mining pit.

There is a guided tour for people to take which shows the past livelihood of people living in it from 1850-1950.

You can see various artefacts produced during the industrial era at its peak, a gentleman’s outfitters, Victorian school of St. James and, some village shops.

Lapworth Museum of Geology:

Set in the premises of University of Birmingham, this museum is the oldest specialist geological museums in the UK and has an extensive collection of fossils, minerals and rocks dating back to 1880.

If you also want to reignite your childhood curiosity for science, you can check out ThinkTank– Birmingham’s Science Museum which has an interactive tour showing various aircrafts, locomotives, steam engines, etc.

If you are interested in Marine life you can head on over to National Sea Life Centre, where you will find more than 2000 marine animals and observe them in their habitat.

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Food, Drinks and Nightlife

Fine Dining:

You can tickle your taste buds with the finest dining experiences in Birmingham at Carters of Moseley, Purnell’s and, Adam’s for the lunch menu.

Street Food:

The Digbeth Dining Club in the Custard Factory sets up food carts of various cuisines of food every Friday. Additionally, check out Itihaas in Jewellery Quarter and Sheeren Kadah in Moseley for a range of spicy curries.

Bars and Pubs:

Ginger’s Bar has the finest and outlandish concoction of drinks.

After a round of cocktails at Ginger’s you can bar hop to Yardbird Jazz Club to enjoy some breezy jazz numbers with your G&T or optionally you could go to The Rainbow and experience the hub of counterculture with great music and ambience.

If you want your day to end in some peace and quiet, you can head down to the Gas Street Basin where you could kick-back and have some drinks with the view of a canal and the sounds of water.

Fascinating Tourist Spots and Nature: 

Cadbury World:

Unleash your inner child in this Roald Dahlesque chocolate dream land.

Book your tickets in advance for a guided tour showing how your favourite chocolates are manufactured as well as, the history of the original Cadbury shop relayed by an actor playing John Cadbury.

This factory also houses the world’s largest Cadbury shop, so I’d suggest letting your inner child take over for this part of the visit.

botanical garden in birmingham

Botanical Gardens:

Birmingham’s Botanical Garden is home to four different plantations from various parts of the world ranging from Arid, Exotic Tropical, Subtropical, Mediterranean all being maintained in the arrogant and gloomy weather of the UK.

If you time it right, you can also catch the occasional band paying at the bandstand as the sun sets.

Everyman Cinema:

Catch a movie at this local cinema which has an array of films screening from old classics, small independent movies to mainstream blockbusters.

You can lounge in the luxurious couches with a glass of red wine in one hand and a pizza in the other, just like you would at home.

BBC Tour:

Witness the process behind making some of your favourite BBC shows from the screenplay to the screen.

A guided tour takes you backstage to famous shows like Strictly Come Dancing and gets you an opportunity to create your own radio drama complete with sound effects.

Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham:

This building shaped like a giant gift box is now the biggest public library in the UK.

I’d suggest visiting the building for just its architectural magnificence but if you are ardent book reader, you can always visit it out of pure fascination.

This building has two outdoor terraces having different kinds of plantations to encourage people to start gardening, a Shakespeare Memorial Room boasting Britain’s most important collection of Shakespeare.

Canon Park:

After a long and hectic day of scuttling across town to the famous tourist spots, visit Canon Hill Park to take in nature in all its glory and go for a picnic with your favourite board games to relax and end your day peacefully!

I am looking forward to rekindling this coping mechanism and take advantage of the travel liberties as soon as they are reinstated.

While I want to start going back to my holiday routine, I also want to inculcate the precautions into the travels I learned from last year.

And the best way to do that would be to stay at a Serviced Accommodation where you can ensure your safety and that of everyone else’s.

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