Top 3 Serviced Accommodations for Business Needs and Corporate Travellers

Top 3 Serviced Accommodations for Business Needs and Corporate Travellers

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Peter Juhasz

July 21, 2023

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Serviced accommodations for business needs are a fantastic choice for professionals on the go. These accommodations offer a range of services and facilities specifically designed to meet the demands of business and corporate travellers. 

Birmingham has various options when it comes to business needs serviced accommodation. Business and corporate travellers especially appreciate serviced accommodations’ convenience, comfort, and flexibility. 

With completely furnished, ready-to-move-in spaces and fully functional kitchens, visitors can quickly settle in and go about their everyday lives. 

This saves significant time and effort, so businesspeople can concentrate on their obligations without worrying about menial tasks or dining out frequently.

Moreover, serviced accommodations for business needs foster a relaxing and effective atmosphere. These apartments have separate workstations, large living rooms, fast internet access, and business-friendly facilities. 

Such features ensure that business travellers can effortlessly juggle work and leisure. Thus, the environment favours productive work and rest after exhausting meetings and negotiations.

One of the main benefits of serviced accommodation for business needs is their flexibility. Corporate travellers can stay for as long as they wish to.  

Whether business travellers need a brief stay for conferences or a lengthy project lasting several months, serviced accommodations can meet their requirements. 

This flexibility also allows businesses to optimise costs and provide their employees with a comfortable living environment for their stay in Birmingham.

Birmingham has many serviced accommodation options for business and corporate travellers. The city ensures a comfortable stay for professionals, meeting their unique requirements. 

Now that we have understood the perks of serviced accommodations, let us dive into the top three serviced accommodations for business needs in Birmingham. 

We will be emphasising their unique features and services. These accommodations cater to the requirements of business and corporate travellers, providing an exceptional experience that combines comfort, functionality, and convenience.

Key takeaways:

  • Serviced accommodations help business and corporate travellers save time, money, and energy by providing them with top-notch facilities and deals. 
  • Birmingham has some great serviced accommodation options for business and corporate travellers. 
  • Vivid Veranda, Classy Visit, and Contemporary 1-Bed Apartment are among Birmingham’s top 3 serviced accommodations for business needs. 

Best Serviced Accommodations for Business and Corporate Travellers Needs

Here are the top 3 serviced accommodations for business needs:  

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Vivid Veranda 

Vivid Veranda is an exceptional serviced apartment for business needs in Birmingham’s vibrant Chinatown. 

This one-bedroom apartment offers easy access to the bustling city centre and various wonderful restaurants. 

Reputable attractions, including Birmingham Arcadian, the Hippodrome, the Mailbox, and New Street Station, are all nearby and within walking distance.

Vivid Veranda has a unique and stylish interior. The apartment is bright and spacious, creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Free parking is also available on the premises as an added facility. The apartment includes essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, a dining area, an iron, a laptop-friendly workspace, a washer and dryer, heating, and hot water. 

This serviced accommodation is ideal for business and corporate travellers due to its central location, which allows easy access to key business hubs and entertainment venues. 

The spacious living area is a comfortable space for work or relaxation. This combined with the apartment’s amenities, make it perfect for business needs. 

Whether it is a weekend city break or a business trip, this apartment guarantees a delightful experience.

Claassy Visit

Claassy Visit is a stunning two-bedroom serviced accommodation for business needs. This apartment provides peace of mind throughout your stay because it is tucked away in a peaceful building with a secure key/intercom entrance.

Claassy Visit gives all the comforts of home in a modern, welcoming setting, designed with comfort in mind. 

The large living/dining space is nicely furnished with contemporary pieces to provide a classy feel. Enjoy the living room’s Juliette balcony, which offers fresh air and a lovely view.

Whether you are travelling for work or a weekend city break, having access to Wi-Fi and Netflix is included, making your stay more enjoyable.

Corporate, contractor and long-term travellers can stay at Claassy Visit at discounted weekly and monthly prices. You can contact Pluxa Serviced Apartment to learn more about these discounts. 

Claassy Visit offers all the necessities for a relaxing and productive stay, including Wi-Fi, a dining area, a fully furnished kitchen, an iron, a laptop-friendly workstation, a washing and dryer, heating, and hot water. 

Experience the convenience and elegance of Claassy Visit, a top-notch serviced accommodation for business needs. 

Its serene environment, modern facilities, and intelligent design offer a warm home away from home throughout your trip. 


Contemporary 1-Bed Apartment, Central Birmingham 

Contemporary 1 Bed Apartment, Central Birmingham, is an excellent serviced accommodation for business needs.

Thanks to the apartment’s central location, you can conveniently access your destinations whether you have business meetings or corporate events to attend.

You will also have access to the shared roof terrace while you are there, which offers a relaxing outdoor area to rest and enjoy the city view. 

With its many amenities, cosy décor, and strategic location, corporate and business travellers can have a great home away from home experience. 

The independence to prepare your meals, work in a separate room, and high-speed WiFi are all features a business traveller will enjoy.

Stay in the Perfect Serviced Accommodation for Business Needs with Pluxa Serviced Apartment 

Pluxa Serviced Apartment will provide you with the utmost luxury and convenience throughout your work trip. 

Stay in one of our carefully curated serviced accommodations for business needs. We recognise the value of providing business travellers with a private workstation. 

Our apartments are cosy and have well-equipped workrooms that will help you stay concentrated and efficient while you are there. 

Take advantage of fully equipped rooms, spacious living areas, high-speed Wi-Fi, contemporary facilities, and flexible stays catered to your needs. 

Apart from unparalleled facilities and services, we offer great discounts to corporate and business travellers. Contact us immediately to upgrade your business trip experience.



What amenities and facilities do these accommodations offer to business travellers?

The accommodations offer Wi-Fi, dedicated workspaces, and fully equipped kitchens. You can experience the most amenities at Pluxa Serviced Apartment.

Are there meeting or conference room facilities available for business meetings or events?

Yes, meeting or conference room facilities are usually available for business meetings or events. However, it is advisable to check with the service provider.

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