Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotel Rooms!

Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotel Rooms!

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Peter Juhasz

May 17, 2021

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One of the biggest issues while planning a trip is finding a decent stay option, one that is affordable and offers comfort. Serviced Apartments could be your solution that saves you from overspending your travel budget on just the stay! 

What are Serviced Apartments? 

Serviced Apartments are fully furnished apartments built by property investors but they operate like any other hotel where you may book an apartment on a nightly basis.

These accommodations are available for guests for both short-term or extended stays. SAs are usually preferred by those on a business trip to avoid unnecessary hotel costs. 

However, they have emerged as a wonderful alternative for travellers who no longer wish to book a hotel room.   

Reasons why they are a better alternative! 


Space comes at a price in major cities. A normal two bedroom serviced apartment offers about 30% more space than any hotel in the same price ranges.

Since they are basically flats but with added services, you will find kitchens in these SAs more often than not, which gives the guests the option to cook meals for themselves should they feel so.

You can also easily find SA where they have an extra pull-out bed in the couches to accommodate for more guests. They also offer ample space to set up your office for meetings.

Depending on the SA, they might also have gyms, pools, restaurants, etc.  


The price of living in hotels can take up most of your travel budget and leave you sparse in terms of expenditure on other parts of the travel like local cuisine, museums, shopping, travelling within the city, etc.

Serviced apartments can offer you more freedom from the hidden costs that the hotels charge at the end of your stay, offer steady, fast, and free Wi-Fi throughout your stay, have laundry services or a washer and dryer in your apartment itself.  


If you are looking to stay in the heart of the city you might find hotels to be a tad more expensive than they are on the outskirts.

But SAs are more affordable and can be found in any city’s prime locations and offer luxurious stay at a lower cost than your neighboring 4-star hotel.  

Safety and Privacy: 

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, people are more mindful of health concerns and are particular about cleanliness and hygiene. SAs have a management staff that takes care of cleaning the rooms and changing the sheets regularly. 

They also offer more privacy than their counterparts and the guests can have reduced room service if they want to and enjoy making themselves at home.  


All the Serviced Apartments are regulated under Association of Serviced Apartment Providers and have to uphold the safety, health and legal guidelines for good practice.

You can expect a good variety in room décor and furnishings to make the stay in SAs visually more aesthetic. SAs also have 24/7 help at the front desk if you run into any issues during your stay.  

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