How Serviced Accommodations are helping NHS and Keyworkers!

How Serviced Accommodations are helping NHS and Keyworkers!

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Peter Juhasz

May 28, 2021

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It is our time to give back to the community! 

The pandemic has caused a humanitarian crisis and put specific inadequacies of each governments’ management on display for the rest of the world to see. While the number of active cases is subsiding, the year-long trauma faced by our NHS and frontline workers is too horrifying to even imagine. After 10-14 hours long shift of treating patients, there is barely any time left for them to take care of themselves, let alone the energy. 

Every day we get to hear harrowing accounts of many NHS workers how they have not been able to see their families to not put them at risk of passing on the virus. With the short-term guests vacating various hotels and service accommodations, there are a lot of vacancies in these hotels that were sitting idle.  

This initiative started in London where big corporate hotels near hospitals opened their services to people who needed a secure place to self-isolate. This was soon adopted by various other parts of England like Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, etc. 

Soon after, the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) introduced the NHS Home Scheme which garnered positive reactions by many. The success of the previous scheme was so overwhelming that they reintroduced it in October as Trusted Stays. This scheme has increased occupancies in various short-term rentals across the country.   

The Association of Service Apartment Provisions also urged people in the service apartment business to help these workers in any possible, providing professional, clean and safe spaces near their places of work. Shortly after that, a lot of Service Apartments all across the UK opened themselves up to provide accommodations to anyone who needed them. Unsurprisingly, service accommodations proved to be very useful for people who needed to self-isolate or needed to rent it for a short term. There is high autonomy in service apartments as there are various amenities at the occupants’ disposal such as, a fully equipped kitchen ready to be used, a washer and dryer, Wi-Fi and, an extra bed in case more guests are expected.  

The hospitality industry as a way to show gratitude, has extended its services to NHS and keyworkers at discounted prices covering the bare minimum costs of running their business or in some cases, for free.  

We at Pluxa Stays understand the plight of these workers and also open our services to those in need and we are fortunate to have the pleasure of reciprocating a fraction of what these people have been contributing towards the society for the past year and a half.  

If you are an NHS worker or a keyworker and in need of accommodation, you can find more information about service accommodation on our website www.pluxa.co.uk 

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