Serviced Apartments in Historical UK Landmarks: Experience the Past in Luxury

Serviced Apartments in Historical UK Landmarks: Experience the Past in Luxury

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Peter Juhasz

November 12, 2023

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Welcome to a journey through time. The charm of the past meets the luxury of the present. 

Serviced apartments in historical UK landmarks offer a unique way to experience the rich history of this land. They bring you closer to the stories etched on the walls of historical UK landmarks.

But what are serviced apartments? In simple terms, they are fully furnished accommodations. These blend home comfort with hotel services

There has been a surge in the demand for serviced apartments in the UK in the near past. They offer travellers a more personalised stay with flexibility.

Now, imagine immersing yourself in the heart of history. Reside in serviced apartments strategically located near historical UK landmarks. 

These accommodations provide a comfortable haven and serve as gateways to tales of centuries gone by.

Choosing serviced apartments around historical UK landmarks is significant. They seamlessly integrate modern comfort within the historical fabric. 

It is like having a front-row seat to witness the stories that shaped the nation while enjoying the perks of contemporary luxury.

Picture waking up in a carefully preserved building. Every brick tells a story. Serviced apartments in and around historical UK landmarks let you relish the past’s elegance without sacrificing today’s conveniences. 

Fully equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, and personalised services redefine how you experience the history of the United Kingdom.

So, whether you are a history enthusiast or seeking a unique, comfortable stay, serviced apartments in and around historical UK landmarks offer a delightful blend of past and present. 

Join us on this voyage through time. Every moment is a step into the history that shaped the charming landscapes of the United Kingdom.

Continue reading to learn more about historical UK landmarks, get recommendations regarding the best serviced apartments in the UK in the near past, and more. 

Key takeaways:

  • There are many historical UK landmarks to visit for all the history buffs. 
  • Living around these monuments in serviced apartments offers many advantages, like access to amenities, learning about the country’s history, etc. 
  • Azure Cubic, Pluxa Stays Aquamarine, and Duplex Penthouse in London NW3 are the best serviced apartments in the UK in the near past. 

Top-Rated Serviced Apartments to Experience Unparalleled Luxury Amidst UK’s Historical Gems

Here is a list of the top-rated serviced apartments in the UK: 

Azure Cubic

Pluxa Stays Azure Cubic is in Birmingham’s renowned ‘The Cube’. It is a prime example of the best serviced apartments in the UK. 

It can hold up to three guests. Azure Cubic is contemporary and stylish. It is ideal for both city breaks and business trips. 

As part of The Cube, a notable structure in Birmingham, this apartment holds significance in the UK’s serviced apartments.

Its strategic placement in the city centre is especially advantageous for history enthusiasts. It provides convenient access to various historical UK landmarks. 

A brief stroll leads to the storied Mailbox development, amplifying the connection to the rich historical tapestry of Birmingham.

Pluxa Stays Azure Cubic’s location ensures proximity to key landmarks, allowing residents to explore historical gems such as:

  • St. Philip’s Cathedral
  • The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
  • The iconic Victoria Square, with its statues,
  • The historic Birmingham Town Hall 

This serviced apartment, with its contemporary amenities and proximity to historical UK landmarks, offers a distinctive and comfortable stay. 

It is a noteworthy choice for those seeking modern luxury and historical exploration in the UK.

Pluxa Stays Aquamarine 

Nestled in one of Birmingham’s most coveted locations, Pluxa Stays Aquamarine is a remarkable example of serviced apartments in the UK. 

It seamlessly blends opulent luxury with the vibrancy of urban living for up to 5 guests.

This luxurious two-bedroom apartment is off the main road in a serene block. You can access it via a secure fob entry system. 

The open-plan living/dining space is full of light and sophistication. It has been designed to the highest standards. 

This apartment is located near historical UK landmarks, ensuring easy access to iconic sites such as:

  • The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
  • The Birmingham Library 
  • The NIA

With proximity to key transport hubs like Snow Hill Train Station and New Street Station, Pluxa Stays Aquamarine offers a pleasant stay. 

It makes for an immersive experience in the historical tapestry of the UK.

Beautiful Duplex Penthouse In London NW3

Step into this cosy duplex penthouse in London NW3, where the charm of the past meets modern luxury. 

This newly added serviced apartment seamlessly mixes historical appeal with contemporary comfort. 

As a recent addition symbolising top-notch serviced apartments in the UK, this residence creates a stylish and comfy atmosphere. 

Whether you want a calm retreat or a place to entertain guests, this duplex penthouse sets the stage for a happy and historically enriched experience.

With options for different stay lengths, including corporate, contractor, and extended stays, Pluxa Stays offers discounts on weekly and monthly bookings. 

Contact us for more details. Our dedicated cleaning teams ensure each apartment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each stay. 

Featuring three bedrooms and bathrooms for up to six guests, our penthouse comes with complimentary on-site parking. 

Enjoy modern conveniences like Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, and Netflix entertainment. 

Explore nearby historical UK landmarks such as:

  • The Harrow Central Mosque, which is a 25-minute drive away 
  • The Harrow Recreation Ground, which is a 30-minute drive

Immerse yourself in the best historical experiences during your stay in this welcoming duplex penthouse in London NW3.

Discover a Blend of Modern Luxury and Historical Exploration with Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment

Do you want to have the best of both worlds? Book your stay at Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment now. Experience modern luxury and historical charm. 

Enjoy clean spaces and personalised service. Discover prime locations near iconic landmarks. 

Make the most of your trip to the UK by contacting Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment today for a unique and enriching adventure.


1. What are the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment within a historical UK landmark compared to other forms of lodging?

There are many advantages of staying in a serviced apartment within a historical UK landmark, including modern comfort and historical charm, personalised stays, fully equipped amenities, and a unique atmosphere. 

2. What historical UK landmarks offer the option of serviced apartments, and is there a variety of choices available?

Yes, there are various options available for serviced apartments in the UK. You can contact Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment to learn about the best stay in and around the historical UK landmarks. 

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