5 Tips For Travelling With Flights

5 Tips For Travelling With Flights

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Peter Juhasz

November 15, 2022

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Air travel has always been a dream for many. Earlier deemed as a mode of transportation for luxury and reserved only for the privileged ones, the past few decades have made air travel accessible to all.

Although there are several advantages of travelling on flights, it involves many protocols and safety measures you must adhere to. Moreover, long-haul flights can fatigue you.

Keeping in mind the said protocols, certain tips, and tricks, and carrying some essentials can help you have a smooth journey, no matter how long. 

Therefore, we have curated various segments catering to different aspects of air travel so you can have a hassle-free journey. Let us go through the top tips for travelling:

Sleeping on Planes: 5 Tips to Make It Easier

Having a peaceful sleep on flights is important, especially if you are travelling abroad or it is a long-haul flight. Taking proper rest helps you prevent jetlag. 

Therefore, here are five tips to make sleeping on planes easier:

1. Carry your sleep essentials

One of the most important tips for flying long haul is to carry all your essentials, including sleep accessories like a travel pillow, warm blanket, sleep mask, earplugs, headphones, etc.   

Sleep essentials ensure you do not get bothered by other passengers, do not end up with neck pain, stay protected against extreme temperatures, and more.  

2. Book direct flights

It is often better for your sleep if you can book a direct trip to your destination. Layovers and connecting flights prevent you from getting enough sleep!

3. Limit caffeine intake before taking off

Caffeinated drinks might disrupt your sleep cycle, especially if you intend to take one during your flight. It is recommended to avoid caffeine and, instead, be well-rested even before the flight. 

4. Adhere to your regular sleep cycle 

Pulling off an all-nighter or staying awake for the major chunk of the night is not advisable if you have a flight scheduled for the next day. Sticking to your sleep cycle will help you get more undisturbed sleep during your journey. 

5. Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes is one of the best tips when flying. Comfy clothing helps you sleep better and ensures you accomplish all your tasks easily.  


5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Travel Pillow

If you want to know what to take when travelling, a travel pillow is our primary recommendation. After all, you would want to avoid exploring your dream destination with a sprained neck.

You can find your perfect travel pillow by focusing on the following points: 

1. Check for neck support 

The primary purpose of a travel pillow is to provide adequate neck support. Try out various types of pillows to determine which one floats your boat.   

2. Understand the correct way to wear a neck pillow

Investing in a travel pillow is fruitful only if you know how to wear it. Incorrect usage may aggravate your neck pain and discomfort. Seek the salesperson’s assistance to understand how to wear a neck pillow. 

3. Consider the size and weight

The size and weight of travel pillows might vary, so it’s crucial to pick one that matches your travel preferences. If you intend to travel light, choose compact, lightweight pillows.

4. Pay special attention to durability

Finding a sturdy travel pillow is essential, especially if you travel frequently. Investing in good-quality pillows is better because they provide added comfort and last longer, helping you save money in the long term. 

5. Introspect the fabric

When selecting a neck pillow, travellers frequently need to remember about fabric, although this is a crucial consideration for comfort. 

Comfortable neck pillow fabric is essential because it comes in handy even in hot weather. Many travellers complain of discomfort while using plastic inflatable travel pillows. 


5 Tips for Travelling Abroad 

The following tips for travelling abroad will ensure you have the smoothest travel experience: 

1. Apply for a passport in advance 

Since applying for a passport is lengthy, it is advisable to complete the formalities well in advance. 

The passport number is typically required when making international hotel and flight reservations; hence, timely receiving your passport can save you a lot of money and hassle. 

2. Verify whether you need a visa for the nation you’re going

This advice for travelling abroad should be considered. Some countries require travellers to obtain a visa and a passport to enter. 

Many countries have visa-on-arrival schemes.  However, nations with rigorous immigration regulations require you to apply for a visa in advance.

3. Register with the embassy of your nation

This is a good idea everywhere you go, but it’s crucial if you’re visiting a nation with a history of crime or political/social turmoil. By signing up with the embassy, you’ll have a contact who can assist you in an emergency.

4. Plan your itinerary

One of the top tips when travelling alone or planning a trip abroad, in general, is having the itinerary under control. Deciding the itinerary in advance helps you stay safe, be prepared for the environment, and save on food, lodging, etc.    

5. Always keep local money on hand

Even if most overseas expenses can now be paid using credit cards, you should still bring local currency while travelling abroad. Particularly in less travelled areas, not all businesses accept credit cards.

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Should I wear compression socks when flying?

Yes, wearing compression socks when flying has advantages, including reduced risk of blood clotting and leg swelling.

Do you tip flight attendants in first class?

No, you are not supposed to tip flight attendants in first class.

Do you have to wear a mask while sleeping on a plane?

Mask-related protocols vary from country to country and carrier to carrier. Therefore, going through the country and flight protocols list is advisable when travelling by air.

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