Top 3 Trending Serviced Accommodations for a Corporate Stay Birmingham

Top 3 Trending Serviced Accommodations for a Corporate Stay Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

June 22, 2023

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Are you looking for the perfect corporate accommodations for your upcoming business trip to Birmingham? Look nowhere else! 

We have compiled a list of the top three trending serviced accommodations designed exclusively for business travellers like you. 

These serviced apartments offer all the amenities and luxuries required for an executive stay, guaranteeing a comfortable and successful stay while you are in Birmingham.

Finding proper corporate accommodations is vital in the fast-paced world of today. The amenities and services provided by these trending serviced accommodations are geared towards business travellers. 

These choices offer many amenities, from wholly furnished apartments to well-equipped offices, offering a seamless fusion of comfort and practicality, making them perfect for your business trip.

Serviced apartments for business travellers have several benefits over conventional hotels. 

They provide additional room, privacy, and flexibility to work and relax. These executive stay accommodations strike the ideal combination between comfort and professionalism, thanks to separate living rooms, fully furnished kitchens, and designated workplaces.

Corporate housing options come with extra amenities designed exclusively for business travellers. 

You can easily stay connected and work, thanks to the accessibility of high-speed internet, business centres, and meeting spaces. 

Many of these serviced apartments even offer concierge services, allowing you to concentrate on your job while they take care of your requirements.

Birmingham’s serviced apartments for business travellers set the bar for business housing solutions. 

Due to their remarkable quality, dependability, and superior customer service, they have gained immense popularity among business travellers. 

These trending corporate housing options make you feel at home and offer a comfortable living experience, whether in Birmingham for a brief project or an extended stay.

Therefore, consider these top three executive stay accommodations if you seek Birmingham’s most significant corporate stay alternatives. 

They will surely meet and surpass your expectations with their unrivalled amenities, individualised services, and premier locations. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Corporate travellers can choose from various executive stay accommodations in Birmingham. 
  • These serviced apartments for business travellers provide many amenities, including meeting facilities and laptop-friendly workspaces to make your work trip successful. 
  • The top three trending serviced accommodations are Alpine Blue, Vivid Veranda, and Onyx. 

Top 3 Serviced Apartments for Business Travellers in Birmingham 

Here are the top three trending serviced accommodations for a corporate stay in Birmingham: 

Alpine Blue 

Alpine Blue is a lovely two-bedroom apartment that can house up to four people and is excellent for business travellers.


It has a spacious balcony, and a wide range of facilities guarantee a pleasant stay. 

This property’s convenient location in a prominent area provides easy access to neighbouring landmarks, eateries, and stores, making it an excellent choice for exploring the area or finding a quiet corner at a neighbourhood café.

After a full day of exploring or working, you can rest in the open-concept living area. 

Two relaxing bedrooms with cosy mattresses, plush linens, and lots of storage space greet you after a hard day at the office. 

Everyone may find their haven inside this property, whether you are travelling with family, friends, or coworkers.

Thus, Alpine Blue is an excellent option if you are searching for trendy serviced accommodations

Vivid Veranda 

Vivid Veranda is one of the ideal serviced accommodations for business travellers. It is in the centre of Chinatown. 

For business people who are always on the go, its ideal location provides quick access to well-known sites, including Birmingham Arcadian, the Hippodrome, the Mailbox, and New Street Station. 

In addition, there are several top-notch eateries around where visitors may unwind with delectable meals after a demanding day at work.

This quirky yet elegant corporate stay can accommodate up to three guests and offers a roomy, well-lit environment. 

a-modern-leisure-place-with-tv-unit-and sitting-unit

The spacious kitchen is perfect for cooking extensive meals and has practical features, like a dishwasher and a fridge/freezer.

The apartment has standard facilities like Netflix, WiFi, and free on-site parking for extra convenience. 

Due to its outstanding connectivity and entertainment options, it is an excellent option for weekend getaways and business travels.

There are special discounts available for corporate, contractor, and long-term travellers. 

Thus, this one-bedroom flat offers convenience, comfort, and cleanliness, making it the perfect option for business travellers looking for a memorable and pleasurable stay in Birmingham.


Corporate travellers will love this distinctive and opulent one-bedroom flat three miles south of Birmingham’s downtown, called the Pluxa Onyx

Touted as one of the best corporate accommodations, it provides convenience and a lively ambience and is located in a famous district with many pubs, restaurants, and shops.

This trending corporate housing can accommodate up to two guests while maintaining comfort and elegance. 

It is furnished with a smart TV and makes for a relaxing hideaway. A bath/shower combo is included in the roomy bathroom, elevating luxury throughout your stay.

Experience the luxury, convenience, and savings offered at this one-of-a-kind serviced apartment, which guarantees business travellers a memorable and pleasurable stay.


Experience Unmatched Comfort and Convenience at Pluxa Serviced Apartment 

The ideal alternative for corporate travel in Birmingham, we, at Pluxa Serviced Apartment, offer unrivalled luxury and convenience. 

We guarantee a delightful and productive stay, thanks to our opulent rooms, faultless service, and premier locations. 

Our apartments have been created to offer an opulent and inviting atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay. 

We prioritise your comfort and relaxation with fully furnished kitchens, roomy living spaces, and chic bedrooms. 

Take advantage of free parking, fast Wi-Fi, and smart TVs with Netflix. Our meeting facilities and laptop-friendly workspaces ensure you can have your meetings without hindrance.  

Make a reservation with us immediately to take your business trip experience to new heights.


Why should I consider serviced accommodations for my corporate stay?

Consider serviced accommodations for your corporate stay for the comfort, convenience, and amenities they offer.

Are there any additional services or perks available in serviced accommodations for business travellers?

Yes, serviced accommodations for business travellers often provide additional services and perks, such as concierge services, gym facilities, and meeting rooms.

What are some popular locations for serviced accommodations for corporate travellers?

Popular locations for serviced accommodations for corporate travellers in Birmingham include the city centre, Birmingham Business Park, Brindley Place, and the Jewellery Quarter. 

If you want a serviced apartment in a specific location, consider checking out Pluxa Serviced Apartment for a great option in Birmingham.

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