Top 3 Destinations with Serene Natural Beauty in Birmingham

Top 3 Destinations with Serene Natural Beauty in Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

July 18, 2023

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Birmingham, a city renowned for its thriving urban life and extensive history, has some hidden gems, destinations with serene natural beauty. 

Birmingham is a retreat for individuals seeking serene natural beauty outside the busy cityscape.

The appeal of tranquil natural beauty is hard to resist for those who adore the outdoors. It invites us to flee our hectic schedules and lose ourselves in the peaceful embrace of uninhabited landscapes. 

These undiscovered beauties are just a short drive from the city. You will be surrounded by breathtaking views, calming natural sounds, and tranquillity that will wash away the pressures of daily life with each step you take.

Birmingham’s destinations with serene beauty have something to offer everyone, whether you enjoy hiking, photography, or just the simple pleasures of nature. 

Your senses will be captivated by the variety of natural settings, which range from verdant green woods to serene lakes and breathtaking waterfalls, leaving you wanting more. 

Imagine taking a stroll down meandering pathways while breathing in the clean, crisp air from the canopy above. 

Or you’d want to choose a quiet area near the ocean where the sound of the lapping waves soothes and satisfy you.

Nature’s beauty has a way of reviving our spirits and constantly reminding us of the innate tranquilly found beyond the concrete jungles we frequently inhabit. The tranquil natural beauty around Birmingham provides a priceless respite, enabling us to reconnect with the glories of the natural world and find comfort in its simplicity.

Discover the top three locations that best exhibit Birmingham’s serene natural beauty as we tour the city’s hidden natural gems. 

We also have some stay recommendations surrounded by natural beauty, so continue reading. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Birmingham boasts abundant natural beauty, with its tranquil parks, picturesque landscapes, and serene destinations. 
  • If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, you can visit these destinations with serene natural beauty. 
  • Cannon Hill Park, Sutton Park, and Lickey Hills Country Park are among Birmingham’s top three destinations with serene beauty. 

Best 3 Natural Beauty Destinations in Birmingham 

Here are the top 3 destinations with serene beauty in Birmingham: 


Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is among Birmingham’s best destinations with serene beauty, not far from Snow Hill Train Station. 

This large park, which is 250 acres, has lush vegetation, lovely lakes, and colourful flower beds. 

It beckons tourists to unwind and take in the wonders of nature. The park has well-kept walkways that loop through it, making it the perfect place for strolls or jogs. 

As you stroll around the park, you will find picturesque bridges, magnificent canals, and wide green spaces.

The park is ideal for picnics or just relaxing in the company of nature. It is a great place for birding because it is also home to various species.

If you want to frequent Cannon Hill Park, staying in Vivid Veranda would be ideal. Snow Hill Train Station is just a 15-minute walk from this spacious serviced accommodation. 

Moreover, this serviced apartment has all the amenities you would need to unwind after a long day at Cannon Hill Park. 


Sutton Park 

Sutton Park enthrals tourists with its broad landscapes and varied ecosystems and is conveniently close to the city centre of Birmingham. 

This amazing park, which spans over 2,400 acres, has a variety of ecosystems, including lakes, marshes, heathlands, and woods. 

Sutton Park is a treat for those who enjoy the outdoors, offering peaceful strolls, energising treks, and refreshing bike rides. 

There is also an abundance of animals in the park, such as deer, birds, and wild ponies. As you enter the park, you will find hidden jewels like tranquil lakes, venerable trees, and flowing streams.

Visitors to Sutton Park can reconnect with nature and take in the tranquilly and calm of the park’s vast and picturesque landscapes. 

If living near Sutton Park excites you, consider booking your stay at Moonstone Metropolis. It is a stunning serviced apartment in one of Birmingham’s most desirable areas.


Lickey Hills Country Park 

Lickey Hills Country Park is a natural beauty spot with an incredible view. It is in proximity to Birmingham’s New Street Station. 

When you first enter Lickey Hills Country Park, you will meet gently undulating hills, ancient forests, and expansive views. Visitors can explore and appreciate the ethereal nature surrounding them in the park’s many landscapes. 

Lickey Hills Country Park is a paradise for walkers, wildlife lovers, and anyone seeking seclusion.

The park’s abundant flora and wildlife make visitors feel closer to nature and give them a taste of the variety that coexists within this extraordinary setting.

If visiting Lickey Hills Country Park entices you, consider booking your stay at Verdant. Not only is it near to the park, but is also a chic studio apartment with modern amenities. 

Stay Near Birmingham’s Serene Natural Beauty Spots with Pluxa Serviced Apartment

By choosing Pluxa Serviced Apartment, you can explore Birmingham’s quiet natural beauty and make the most of your visit. 

Discover the peace of Cannon Hill Park, Sutton Park, and Lickey Hills Country Park, which are conveniently close to our serviced apartments. 

After a long day of exploring, our apartments are perfect to unwind. You can watch Netflix and call it a day.

Our apartments have all the amenities you could have wanted, including dedicated workstations and Wi-Fi.

Contact us to spend your time in Birmingham surrounded by the splendour of nature.


How can I reach these serene natural destinations in Birmingham?

You can easily go to these serene natural beauty spots in Birmingham via public transit, such as trains or buses, or a short drive from the city centre.
Discovering Birmingham’s natural beauty is easy and convenient.

What are some activities or things to do in these serene natural destinations in Birmingham?

Enjoy various activities like leisurely walks, cycling, picnics, and birdwatching. Discover the tranquilly and renewal that nature offers. 

After a long day of exploring, you can unwind and relax at Pluxa Serviced Apartment. Pluxa’s apartments are ideally close to these natural wonders. Make a reservation right now for a cosy stay and convenient access to Birmingham’s tranquil natural beauty.

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