Leisure Accommodation: Find Your Perfect Leisure Stay

Leisure Accommodation: Find Your Perfect Leisure Stay

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Peter Juhasz

August 20, 2022

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The United Kingdom is filled with excellent destinations and offers great budget weekend breaks, leisure stays, and much more.

You can find short-stay apartments and a leisure home for your family or partner for a relaxing getaway. 

But what are the best budget-friendly stays for your weekend breaks in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland?

We have compiled a list of the best budget weekend breaks in the United Kingdom, each offering something special and appealing.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Weekend Breaks in the UK

The leisure stay meaning is a short holiday package for rejuvenating yourself and your loved ones from the hectic daily routine of work. 

You can enjoy your leisure days at multiple locations across the United Kingdom at highly affordable prices if you have researched and selected the best property for your stay. 

But choosing a location for short stays in the UK within a few days of travelling can be costly and hectic.

You should filter down your next short breaks in UK with family, a few months or weeks before your journey.

Here are the 7 best budget weekend breaks in the UK for your next trip.

7 Budget-Friendly Short Weekend Breaks Across the UK

Apart from these seven destinations, you can choose from multiple locations in the United Kingdom. But these are the best budget-friendly destinations for leisure accommodation based on our thorough research.

1. Sheffield

The South Yorkshire city of Sheffield is the top weekend break destination and a short stay in the UK. It is noted for its industrial heritage, which you can find across the city centre. 

Many mills or derelict factories have been transformed into galleries, gardens, and museums to increase tourism. The River Don, Kelham Island Museum, APG Works, and Victoria Quays are also the city’s highlights. 

You get the greenery in Sheffield with many parks and old estates in and around the city.

2. Derby

Derby’s Victorian-era heyday and industrial heritage are displayed across the city centre. The River Derwent’s banks also hold the heritage region’s essence.

A 15-mile stretch of the waterfront ends at the Derby Industrial Museum. The grand old buildings can give you a glimpse of the rich heritage and help you escape the bustling city life. 

You can also head north along the west river bank to explore Darley Park or places like Sanctuary Bird Reserve and Alvaston Park.

3. Aberdeen

A little remote city in North Scotland, Aberdeen is worth a trip for sightseeing and exploring the history.

Aberdeen (The Granite City) has many main buildings in the city centre made of distinctive grey granite. You can visit a few places like St. Mark’s Church, Marischal College, and Central Library.

The city has no shortage of museums and also has an interesting market and lively nightlife. 

4. Southampton

An important port city on England’s south coast, Southampton has a great history. The top attractions are the Tudor House and Garden, which have over 800 years of heritage.

SeaCity Museum and Solent Sky are the recent additions to the historical highlight of the city. You can go through glimpses of a wide range of excellent ancient architecture with the blend of modern buildings and trends.

5. Belfast

Being an affordable city in the United Kingdom, Belfast is known for its genuine, unspoilt feel.

The proud heritage of the city and the ambience make Belfasta great holiday break destination.

6. Blackpool

Blackpool has been popular as a seaside resort since the 18th century. The city continues to be a great holiday destination in the United Kingdom because of its famous illuminations and towers.

You can expect plenty of period buildings because of the city’s popularity in the Victorian era. Different destinations around the city can make your weekends fun and refreshing. 

The Ribble and Alt Estuaries in the south provide a massive birdlife habitat, and the Lancashire coast stretch has a beautiful sandy beach for a pitch-perfect leisure time.

7. Birmingham

You can also choose the second-largest city in the United Kingdom as your weekend getaway. You can find multiple short-stay apartments in Birmingham that offer affordable and decent leisure stays.

It has a maritime climate and offers a rich heritage and culture that you can explore and enjoy. 

These top budget-friendly destinations for short weekend breakaways are great and have something special to offer. 

Now, you can choose your favourite destination for your next weekend break away with finesse.

Short-Term Holiday Lets

Apart from staying in hotels or resorts, you can choose short-term holiday lets for your stay. 

Holiday lets let you stay for one night to a few weeks, and you don’t need to stay in the property with a long lock in-period like a rental property.

The short-term holiday lets you ensure that you stay within your budget for your weekend getaways and enjoy the location and beauty of the place.

Plan Your Next Weekend Breaks

Using the detailed information, you can improve the planning for your next weekend break or leisure stay and without draining your travelling funds.

Choose the best destination across the United Kingdom and experience the rich heritage, beautiful beaches, mighty mountains, and peaceful greenery in different cities or suburbs.

If your stay is longer than one or two days, you can choose short-term holiday lets that can be affordable for you and provide you with the best weekend break experience with your loved ones.

Before you kick-start your journey, you can check our wide range of properties for the best deals on short-term holiday lets.

Enjoy your time. 


What is a short-term rental?

A short-term rental is a rental for a residential home unit or building for a limited time. The stays are less than 30 days and are great for leisure stays.

How do we get a short-term rental house?

A short-term rental house is a great way to generate a steady income. You can contact us for the best deals on short-term rental homes or have the option to convert your home into a short-term rental property.

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