5 Popular Sports in Birmingham

5 Popular Sports in Birmingham

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Peter Juhasz

March 21, 2023

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The sporting scene in Birmingham draws spectators from all over the world. Football, cricket, and rugby are among Birmingham’s most popular sports.

Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Warwickshire County Cricket Club, and Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club are some of the top sports organisations in Birmingham. Many visitors come to the city for its strong sporting tradition and to enjoy the excitement of live events.

From the electrifying atmosphere of a football game at Villa Park to the legendary rivalry between Warwickshire and Worcestershire at Edgbaston, Birmingham has plenty to offer any sports lover.

Birmingham has many clubs and pubs that show sporting events and welcome fans, so watching sports in Birmingham is not just about the game but also about the social experience.

Sports strongly influence the culture and identity of Birmingham. The huge number of global admirers it draws demonstrates how important it is. Sports viewing in Birmingham is a memorable experience for both locals and tourists.

Continue reading to learn about popular Birmingham sports, stadiums you can visit to watch sports matches in Birmingham, places of stay near Birmingham stadiums, and more.

Key takeaways:

  • Basketball, rugby, football, cricket, etc. are some of the most popular sports in Birmingham
  • Finding a game or event to attend during their visit to Birmingham is simple for tourists interested in sports.
  • Birmingham has several famous stadiums that host these sports, including Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Villa Park, and Alexander Stadium.
  • Travellers can stay near the stadiums to attend matches, tour the stadiums, and learn about the history of sports in Birmingham.

Top Five Popular Sports in Birmingham

Apart from being located in the heart of England, Birmingham is known for its vibrant culture and sports scene. The city, with a population of over 1 million, offers a wide variety of sports and activities. Here are the five most popular sports in Birmingham:


Football (Soccer)

With Aston Villa and Birmingham City competing at the top level of English football, soccer,is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Birmingham.

Villa is more successful. It won numerous national and international championships, including the renowned European Cup in 1982.

If you are a football enthusiast, you can stay at Pluxa The Gem Unique Stay. This serviced apartment is situated near St Andrew’s Stadium. St Andrew’s Stadium is the home to the Birmingham City Football Club. 

As one of the most historic stadiums in the history of English football, the stadium has witnessed several high-profile matches.


Known for its love of cricket, Birmingham is home to the world-renowned Edgbaston Cricket Ground. The ground witnessed the 2019 Cricket World Cup. It has also served as the home of the Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

The Pluxa Blue Sapphire Luxury Apartment and Pluxa Metropolitan Serviced Apartment can be your ideal pick if you are looking for comfortable places to stay near the iconic Edgbaston Cricket Ground. 

Apart from being in proximity to the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, both apartments offer great amenities like smart TVs, Netflix subscriptions, induction hops, and top-notch furniture. 

Being located in a refined neighbourhood only adds to the appeal of these serviced apartments. Stay in one of the above-mentioned apartments to witness the best of both worlds! 



Basketball has started gaining popularity in Birmingham recently, as the Birmingham Knights play for the city in the British Basketball League.

International basketball competitions have been held at the University of Birmingham’s Sport & Fitness Centre several times, where the Knights play their home games.

Looking for a luxurious stay near the University of Birmingham’s Sports and Fitness Complex? Book the Pluxa Lavish Escape Classy City Centre Stay, which is just two miles southeast of the Complex.

It is a clean and well-maintained apartment with all the essentials, like an iron, dryer, washer, heating facilities, kitchen, and more.  


With the Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club representing the city in the English Rugby Union, Rugby is also gaining popularity in Birmingham. Dating back to 1873, the club enjoys a long history. 

It has produced numerous international players. You can stay at the Ivory 1 Bedroom Apartment if rugby interests you and you are willing to visit some famous rugby grounds and stadiums like the Moseley Rugby Club and Birmingham & Solihull Rugby Football Club. 



The Alexander Stadium, a top-notch athletics facility, is located in Birmingham. The Diamond League and the British Championships are two of the many examples of international athletics events that have taken place here.

The Birchfield Harriers, one of the most successful athletics teams in the UK, call the stadium home. Fond of athletics and visiting Birmingham with family or friends? Stay at the Pluxa Royal Azul 4-Bedroom House with car parking.

This serviced apartment is near some of the best athletics stadiums, including Alexander Stadium, Wyndley Leisure Centre, and Sandwell Valley Athletics Stadium.
It also features a beautiful garden to calm your senses and relieve stress. Not to be forgotten, the apartment features bathrooms with shower baths, parking space for two cars, and is pretty close to the main venue of the Commonwealth Games.

Stay Close to Your Favorite Sports Stadium with Pluxa Serviced Apartment

Fans of sports who wish to be close to their preferred sporting venue will find the ideal answer at Pluxa Serviced Apartments. We at Pluxa Serviced Apartment make it simple for you to take advantage of the thrill of the game day.

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What is the most loved sport in Birmingham?

Football is considered the most loved sport in Birmingham, with Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC being the two major football clubs in the city.

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