Types of Travellers: Identify Yourself

Types of Travellers: Identify Yourself

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Peter Juhasz

October 23, 2022

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Travelling is on the top to-do list for most people globally. But not every traveller is the same. Different travellers are based on individual traits, travel types, and aspects. 

But do you know what type of traveller you are?

After going through the article, you will easily understand what type of tourist traveller you are.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The 28 Different Types of Travellers You May Meet

We have compiled the top 28 types of travellers in the world. Have a look.

1. The Social Butterfly

These types of travellers want to do different things during their travels on social media. Their content is often seen on their Facebook, or Instagram handles.

2. The Party Animal

These travellers travel just for fun and parties. Their travel plans revolve around nightlife and the best party places.

3. The Planner

They like to plan out and schedule their trip from start to end. The planners also know more about a place before travelling.

4. The Culture Vulture

These travellers want to explore amazing cultures, museums, art galleries, and historical sites. 

5. The Foodie

These types of travellers want to explore the world in search of delicious food, regardless of the location.

6. The nature lover

This type of traveller is fascinated by nature. They want to spend their vacations observing flora and fauna.


7. The Photographer

Panoramic scenes, food, animals, locals, and themselves, the photographer traveller wants to capture every moment of their trip.

8. The nomad

The opposite of the planner is the nomad. Their trips are sudden and unplanned.

9. The Thrill Seeker

From mountain climbing to cliff jumping, from para-gliding to bungee jumping, thrill seekers crave excitement and try new things during their trips.

10. The Functional Traveller

They’re travelling to complete their task and don’t have high expectations of their travelling destination. 

11. The Pilgrim

These travellers follow pilgrimage trails or visit the shrines of those they worship, religious or otherwise.

12. The Shopper

These travellers only want to plan their trips for shopping. 

13. The Backpacker

These types of travellers travel light and look to independently exploring destinations on a low budget.

14. The gap years

The travelling group comprises well-off young people who want to experience new things. They also get to stay away from home for a long period.

15. The Complainer

These travellers have a problem with everything during their vacation.

16. The Gang

They travel in groups and like to travel with family and friends.

17. The Weekender

These travellers want to go on vacation at every opportunity, especially on weekends.

18. The Chatter Box


These travellers can’t resist chatting with people. They want to share stories and experiences.

19. The Luxury traveller

No matter where these travellers go, luxury is their top priority. From personal cabs to classy restaurants, they want it all.

20. The Escapee

These travellers are quite lost and are looking to escape to a faraway destination. They want to run away from heartbreak, guilt, failure, or other down phases of their life.

21. The Solo Artist

The solo traveller ventures into the world alone and wants to experience new destinations on their terms and conditions.

22. The Soul Searcher

Quite different from the escapee, the soul searchers use to travel to find themselves or search for the spiritual meaning of life.

23. The Budget Tripper

These travellers want to explore everything but don’t have the budget to avail all the luxuries.

24. The Collector

They want to collect mementoes like a souvenir, seashells, or even sand for their collection.

25. The Pioneer

Whether living with tribes or exploring unusual museums, these travellers want to explore off-beat locations. They want to have non-mainstream experiences that are unique.

26. The rejuvenator

These travellers want to relax while having a luxury spa, a yoga retreat, or other much-needed pampering experiences. They want to escape the hustle-bustle of everyday life and unwind from their troubles.

27. The Clueless One

This traveller relies on others or groups to plan their vacation and get around the destination. They are unaware of the destination and want help from others to guide them through their trip.

28. The tourist

They may partake in organised events or tours. They can also choose travel guides or books for their exploration.

Now you get an idea of which type of traveller you are. Now, let’s explore different business travels you can choose from.


4 Types of Business Travel

Business travel types can be different based on the motive of your organisation.

Exhibitions and trade fairs

Attending a trade fair or exhibition in different regions can be great for promoting your product and marketing it to new people. 

Conferences and meetings

Meetings or conferences in your business industry can be worthwhile for networking and growth opportunities.

Corporate events

Corporate events offer great networking and marketing opportunities. You can attend business-to-business, meet and greet, or other company employee corporate events.

Incentive travel

You can get a corporate-sponsored trip to a destination that offers you a great experience.

But before you choose any travel, ensure you know everything to travel across the world. 

Here’s Everything You Need to Travel the World

You must create your budget before travelling and ensure the basic itinerary is packed to avoid any troubles.

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What is the difference between risk-taking and thrill-seeking?

Risk-taking is about exposing yourself to danger with the hope of something positive. While thrill-seeking is about exposing yourself to physical risks that may cause harm to your body or health.

What is adventure travel? What kind of tourism is it?

Adventure travel is niche tourism involving exploration or travel with risk, requiring special skills and physical exertion.

What is slow tourism?

It means minimising mobility and taking time to explore history and culture.

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