Best 5 Takeaway Restaurants in Birmingham for Your Stay in Serviced Accommodation

Best 5 Takeaway Restaurants in Birmingham for Your Stay in Serviced Accommodation

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Peter Juhasz

July 12, 2023

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Are you planning a trip to Birmingham and staying in serviced accommodation? Do you need help finding the best Birmingham takeaway restaurants to fulfil your cravings? We have got your back. 

Serviced accommodations in Birmingham are popular for their exceptional amenities. Whether travelling for business or leisure, you can expect a comfortable stay.

But that is not it. One of the advantages of staying in serviced accommodations is their proximity to various takeaway restaurants in Birmingham. 

Imagine the convenience of having delicious meals without having to travel miles. You will find an array of takeaway options within easy reach.

In terms of takeout restaurants, Birmingham has a wide selection. You have many alternatives, including regional specialities and flavours worldwide. 

Restaurants in Birmingham can satisfy your cravings for tantalising Chinese food, scorching hot pizza, or delectable curries. 

The city is a melting pot of gastronomic pleasures because of its multi-cultural culture. You can embark on a gastronomic journey worldwide in the comfort of your serviced accommodation.

These takeaway restaurants in Birmingham are renowned for serving delectable cuisine, but they also provide flexibility and convenience. 

It is ideal for guests in serviced accommodations since they can savour a delicious dinner without worrying about preparing or going out to eat. 

Place your order, sit back, and unwind in the convenience of your accommodation. Continue reading to learn about Birmingham’s top 5 takeaway restaurants and suggestions for best-serviced accommodations.  

Key takeaways:

  • Serviced accommodations in Birmingham offer great facilities, including proximity to popular takeaway restaurants. 
  • Birmingham has some of the best takeaway restaurants, including Indian Brewery Snow Hill, The Meat Shack, Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, 1000 Trades, and Wasabi. 
  • From vegan options to authentic Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian cuisines, Birmingham takeaway restaurants have it all. 

Top 5 Birmingham Takeaway Restaurants for Your Serviced Accommodation Stay 

Here are the best 5 Birmingham takeaway restaurants for your stay in serviced accommodation: 


Indian Brewery Snow Hill

Indian Brewery Snow Hill is among the top takeaway restaurants in Birmingham. It provides a great fusion of Indian street cuisine flavours with craft brews and is in the city centre. 

It is a favourite among people searching for a quick and delectable meal on the go because of its handy location close to Snow Hill Train Station. 

The restaurant is popular among residents and tourists because of its lively atmosphere and extensive menu, including delectable curries, wraps, and snacks. 

Stay at the chic apartment Nero Deluxe, close to several Birmingham takeaway restaurants, including Indian Brewery Snow Hill. Enjoy the convenience of multiple nearby eating options while relaxing in the comfort of this modern apartment. 

The Meat Shack

Birmingham’s The Meat Shack is unique. This well-known restaurant on Thorp Street is a haven for burger lovers. 

The Meat Shack offers a thoroughly pleasant dining experience because of its emphasis on premium ingredients and delectable flavour combinations. Their expertly and carefully made gourmet burgers are a must-try. 

If you are looking for a serviced apartment well-situated for quick access to The Meat Shack and other neighbouring landmarks, eateries, and retail establishments, stay at Alpine Blue.

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza 


Bennetts Hill houses Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza. It provides a flavour of real pizza made in Neapolitan style, which will take your taste buds to Italy. 

The restaurant’s commitment to employing premium products offers a delectable experience. 

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza satisfies the needs of every pizza enthusiast with its extensive selection of classic and innovative toppings. 

Rudy’s is a top choice among Birmingham takeaway restaurants for people looking for a tasty and filling meal at home or on the go. 

At Creme Opulence, a serviced apartment in the middle of Birmingham, you can experience luxury at its finest. This desirable location provides access to many services, retail malls, renowned takeaway restaurants like Rudy’s, and lively pubs.  

1000 Trades 

1000 Trades is a pub and kitchen that serves vegan-friendly food. You can find it on Frederick Street. They provide burgers, snacks, and small plates made using vegan ingredients.

Among the top Birmingham takeaway restaurants, 1000 Trades is a must-try for travellers seeking vegan options. 

Verdant is a chic one-bedroom studio apartment in one of the Jewellery Quarter’s most sought-after areas. It offers a combination of relaxation and style. 

This apartment is ideal for two visitors. During your stay in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, enjoy Verdant’s comfort and elegance while being near some of the best restaurants in Birmingham.



Wasabi is a Japanese fast-food chain located on Temple Row. It serves a variety of sushi rolls, bento boxes, and noodle meals. 

Wasabi’s tasty and practical takeaway alternatives satisfy your appetite for a quick and gratifying dinner or a fresh and savoury sushi lunch. 

Wasabi is one of the top restaurants in Birmingham for anyone looking for a taste of Japan.

VivaCity is a contemporary serviced apartment located in the core of Birmingham. In addition to being close to Wasabi, it provides easy access to a variety of fantastic eateries, coffee shops, pubs, retail stores, and entertainment venues. 

Stay Close to the Best Takeaway Restaurants in Birmingham with Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment 

Pluxa Stays’s opulent serviced apartments are centrally located. We provide the ideal base to experience Birmingham’s thriving culinary scene. 

Enjoy the convenience of having excellent takeaway selections at a little distance. Our apartments make the best Birmingham takeaway restaurants accessible to you. 

You name it, from gourmet burgers and genuine pizza to mouthwatering curries, and restaurants close to our apartments have it. 

Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment offers the ideal mix of comfort, sophistication, and culinary pleasures – book with us to experience the best of all worlds.  

Contact us now for a fantastic vacation or business trip surrounded by the best takeaway restaurants in Birmingham.


Can I place my order online or through a mobile app for these takeaway restaurants?

Yes, many of these takeaway restaurants in Birmingham offer the convenience of online ordering or mobile app ordering for easily placing your order.

Do these takeaway restaurants offer delivery services to serviced accommodations in Birmingham?

Yes, these takeaway restaurants often provide delivery services, ensuring your delicious meals are conveniently delivered to your serviced accommodation in Birmingham.

Experience the convenience of staying at Pluxa Stays Serviced Apartment, where you can enjoy the best of Birmingham’s takeaway restaurants with easy online ordering and delivery right to your doorstep. Book your stay now for a delightful and hassle-free culinary experience!

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